Carissa Gray: Is Instructional Learning Right for Your Team?

The best instructors know how to retain their student’s interest while helping them grow and expand their knowledge base. Through encouragement, webinars, and lecture sessions led by Carissa Gray, students often move out of their comfort zones by exploring meaningful technological methodologies such as: Academic Integrity & Freedom Digital Rhetoric Digital Media & Rhetoric in […]

Major General Stephen Maranian Discusses Officer Professional Military Education in the United States Army

As Major General Stephen Maranian knows, the professional development of officers in an army is vital to its effectiveness. A combination of training, education, and practical experience, leader development takes many forms and continues for the entire tenure of an officer’s time in uniform. Professional Military Education (PME) refers to the periodic professional schooling of […]

The Big Switch: Transitioning to Green Energy to Fight Climate Change

For marine geochemist and chemical oceanographer David Hastings, few issues are more pressing than climate change. A former teacher, Hastings maintains a particular focus on paleoclimatology – the history of past climate changes. Today, he believes the future of the fight against climate change rests on what’s being termed “The Big Switch.” The Big Switch […]

Tips to Look for ICF Coach Training Programs to Suit your Taste

Nowadays life coaching is becoming more popular. This is why people are hiring a coach and some are even thinking about what is needed to become one themselves. The coaching industry has much consumer trust, with successful executives along with public figures working with some professional coach to fulfill their goals. What actually is ICF […]

What Career Should You Choose? Here’s How to Figure It Out

When you are wondering how to figure out what career you want, it’s crucial to conduct extensive research and be aware of your possibilities. Even if you already have a job in mind, you can discover something you hadn’t considered before. Understanding all your options for careers will help you choose the best one for your […]

Where Can an English Degree Take You? Exploring 6 Career Paths for Recent Graduates

A degree in English offers students various skills that can be applied to other career paths. While some may assume that English majors are limited to traditional jobs like education or writing, the truth is that English graduates are in demand across a wide range of industries. This article will explore a few career paths […]

Online Tutors vs In-person Tutoring, Which is better?

Education is a crucial aspect of personal and professional growth, and the advancements in technology have made it possible to access top-notch learning resources from anywhere in the world. With the emergence of online tutoring, students have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources, making it easier than ever to receive the support they […]