Four Apps for Learning While Playing

The technological revolution in education nowadays is possible due to machine learning. Machine learning has made it possible to monitor and assess the progress of students through educational apps. Machine learning AI allows young students to work independently on academics and get instant feedback and hints via the apps. This helps students with learning disabilities […]

4 Potential Stress Factors and How to Help Your High Schooler Cope with Them

From where you currently stand as a parent, high school may seem like such a long time ago. The worries you had as a teenager may seem so small in comparison to the worries you now have as an adult. But this doesn’t cancel out your own child’s trepidatious feelings about their teen years. High […]

7 Tips for Starting a Diversity and Inclusion Course at Your Workplace for New Employees

Diversity and inclusion training is essential for new employees at any business. However, it’s especially vital if you work in an environment where you interact with people from different cultures, religions, or backgrounds. Such training is often required by human resources departments. It can help prevent workplace discrimination and enhance communication among coworkers who may […]