Disappointing results of education during the pandemic

Phygitals in Education The National Center for Education Statistics confirmed fears that American students did not fare well during the pandemic. Math and reading scores for America’s 9-year-olds fell dramatically during the first two years of the pandemic. Is this an indication that online education does not work? Teachers and professors moved education online with […]

The Evolution of a Career through Education and Passion – Deanna Deveney

Deanna Deveney began her career as a young woman at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, where she worked for the late Sheriff James DiPaola. What started off as her first Summer job at their Youth Public Safety Academy transitioned into an office position where she ultimately began developing her passion. She worked […]

The Perks of Being Able to Edit a PDF for Teachers

Technology has improved rapidly in the past decades. Teachers nowadays have limitless resources to support their teaching activities. They do not have to go miles away to the library to get extra teaching materials or provide additional space in their house and classroom to store their books.  Thanks to the internet, teachers can get the […]