Is a career in education support right for you? Are you eager to know about training and getting started? Well, working in the education support sector is so much more than just a job. Education support workers have significant involvement in the classroom environment thereby moulding a child’s educational experience in their early schooling years. If you’re passionate about working with children, moving into education support is your chance to make a genuine difference in their lives.

Are you contemplating a career in education support? If so, let’s brush up your knowledge about the industry, career prospects and training pathways to get there. Discover below 10 quick tips, why many Australians are flocking to a career in education support.


To commence a career in the education support sector, you need to complete a CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support offered by Step Into Training Services (SITS), a reputed Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia. Upon completion of this course, you will find most education support roles within reach.


A degree in Certificate IV in Education Support will equip you with the skills and expertise required to work in collaboration with teachers in Australian schools and communities.


Our experienced faculty at SITS, through industry relevant curriculum will help you master the necessary teaching strategies, support strategies for students with disabilities and disorders, and ways to assist the teacher with operational and logistical tasks. You’ll also learn about planning, organising and delivering group-based learning.


As you’ll be working closely with children, you need to possess certain attributes and personality traits- multi-tasking, patience, sensitivity, empathy, effective communication, team player, good planning and organisational skills. The nature of this job also requires you to be observant, responsive, flexible, supportive and caring.


With a nationally recognised Certificate IV in Education Support at hand, you can undertake potential job titles like Teacher’s Aide, Education Assistant and work in a range of educational settings- public and independent schools and community education settings as well.


Starting a career as an education support worker can be overwhelming, knowing the impact you can have on children and nurturing them to develop into young adults is an incredible feeling. An efficient education support worker plays a noteworthy role and adds value to the classroom.


Your knowledge, education and experience play a vital role in setting up the digits for your pay. The most common annual salary in Australia for a worker in education support is between $55,000 and $65,000*. The projected job growth is expected to be 21.1% in the next five years. Advanced courses then also add strength to your resume and you can build on your existing skills creating diverse employment opportunities.


As part of your Certificate IV in Education Support course, you can gain hands-on experience during your vocational placement. You may work in registered and approved educational settings such as government or private schools, kindergarten and community educational centers.


Education support is a very social job. An education support worker ensures regular communication with families of students, staff and counsellors to meet the individual requirements of students.


Education support workers are becoming increasingly in demand in Australia. The Australian education support sector has an employment size of 58,800** workers and very strong future growth is predicted.

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”- Mark Twain. Register at SITS today with the Certificate IV in Education Support and trust the magic of a new beginning.


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