21 Interesting Facts About Affiliate Marketing You Should Know

You must have heard a lot about affiliate marketing since it is becoming more popular day by day. Today I am going to provide you with some interesting facts about affiliate marketing which you might not have heard before.

  1. More Than 66% Of Affiliate Marketers Connect With Their Customers Using Social Media.

Social media is one of the best platforms for affiliate marketing to promote their products, so it is no surprise that more than half of them use social media.

  1. Fashion Is The Most Popular Affiliate Marketing Category.

Affiliate marketing helps fashion brands and retailers drive a lot of website traffic and sales. It can increase their sales by 25% which is much higher than other marketing methods.

  1. CJ Affiliate Is One Of The Biggest And Most Preferred Affiliate Network.

CJ Affiliate has many benefits which make it a popular choice for affiliate marketers. For example the merchants which sell their products on CJ Affiliate are big and developed companies which make the products very reliable.

  1. USA Is The Biggest Affiliate Marketing Country.

USA snags the first position as the biggest affiliate marketing country at $6.8 billion and also has some of the largest affiliate networks like Amazon Associates and eBay. Most affiliate marketers reside in North America.

  1. Affiliate Sites Which Are Mobile Responsive Perform Better Than Ones Which Are Not.

More than 50% of affiliate traffic comes from mobile devices so a mobile responsive site is much likelier to see more conversions. If you are planning on building an affiliate site, make sure it is optimized for mobile devices.

  1. Partnering With A SaaS Platform Or Affiliate Network Can Minimize The Impact Of Ad Blocking.

Affiliate networks and platforms have developed solutions for blocking technology. They will make code changes to a brand’s site and even offer dedicated tracking domains for traffic.

  1. The Average Click Through Rate For PPC Ads Is 20%.

Many affiliate marketers work on optimizing their CTR since it is one of the most important metrics to monitor in PPC advertising. Anything above 2% is considered as an above average CTR.

  1. More Than 95% Of Google’s Total Revenue Comes From Paid Advertisements.

Paid advertising gives fast results and guaranteed reach. Affiliate marketers are able to optimize their content with specific targets and obtain more qualified leads by creating landing pages specifically for their products/services. Organic reach is more difficult but it is achievable if you have a proper understanding of how affiliate marketing works.

  1. There Are More Than 160 Billion Searches Per Month On Google Alone.

With so many searches made every month, there are many opportunities to get your brand noticed by people provided you implement the best SEO practices.

  1. More Than Half Of All Searches Are Longer Than 4 Words.

Consumers generally tend to use more than 4 words because most of the time they are looking for something specific. Thus it is important that affiliate marketers use the right target keywords if they want to be found by people who are looking for what they might be selling.

  1. 4 Out Of 10 Marketers Work On Increasing Their PPC Budget.

This isn’t surprising considering the fact that PPC ads provide instant traffic and help drive warm leads. Some experts say that marketers who aren’t doing any PPC marketing are missing out on valuable traffic and revenue.

  1. Insurance Is The Most Expensive Keyword.

The most expensive Google Adword keywords deal primarily with financing and other money related things. The keyword ‘insurance’ has an average CPC of $48.45.

  1. Majority Of Online Businesses Fail Because Of Lack Of Training.

Many affiliate marketers are unable to make a decent number of sales or generate traffic because of their lack of training. Insufficient and poor quality content is also another major reason.

  1. More Than 53% Of Affiliates Work From Home.

Affiliate marketing can be done from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is maintain an online presence which is why so many affiliate marketers work from home.

  1. 10% Of Amazon Sales Are Estimated To Come From Affiliates.

While 10% might seem like a small percentage, it is a huge number compared to the number of sales Amazon makes in total.

  1. Nearly Half Of Affiliate Marketers Make Under $20,000 Per Year.

It is also reported that only 32% make more than $150,000 per year. A lot of affiliate marketers fail to make any income because of lack of training.

  1. More Than 1 Million Affiliate Accounts Are Registered On ShareASale.

ShareASale also holds the largest share in the affiliate market with 55.7 % of the market share.

  1. Jason Stone Made 7 Million In Affiliate Marketing Revenue In A Single Year.

Jason Stone is an American entrepreneur, mentor and creator who is also known as Millionaire Mentor. He has successfully launched multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses.

  1. It Is Possible To Make More Than $1000 In A Single Affiliate Sale.

In high ticket affiliate marketing, you sell expensive products or services which can earn you 30%-40% commission per sale.

  1. Over 80% Of Advertisers Use 10% Of Their Budget For Affiliate Marketing.

Considering how popular and effective affiliate marketing is, more advertisers are spending money promoting their products through it.

  1. Content Marketing Costs 62% Less Than Ads But It Generates 3 Times More Leads.

This is why affiliate marketers are advised to put more time and effort into creating quality content.

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Founder of Affiliate Academy, Res Marty has been in the affiliate marketing space since 2018. He now works on helping others get started with affiliate marketing and become successful at it through his blog.

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