English is a global language; there’s no doubt about it. But the language is more than just a medium of communication. English has a deep history of evolving and adapting to the colloquial tongue. The language is anything but one-dimensional as it has been received and modified by many nations in unique ways. When you talk about English literature, it is not a homogenous fruit of a particular country; English literature is enriched by the contribution of authors, writers, scholars from varied cultural backgrounds, and of different periods. The vast collections of English Prose, Poetry, and Literary criticism create a fascinating world that lets the readers get enriched and inspired.

To Think Differently: Not everyone has the chance to travel the world at an early age and experience a different culture. But a book allows one to see through the author’s lens and realize how complex and beautiful the world can be. The author showcases distinct and varied emotion that allows the reader to peek into the human psyche. Why do psychopaths act the way they do? How does one respond when they finally meet their long-lost siblings? What impact did slavery have on black people in America? These are complex emotions that get transfixed on the pages of paper for all to read.

Broaden The Horizon: Studying English literature broadens one’s horizon to see the world in a different light. If you love reading stories, you should take English literature as your major in college. The literature syllabus is designed in a way that a student gets an overview of English literature as a whole. Therefore, many students prepare their schooling period to secure good marks to get into a prestigious college to pursue a graduate degree in English Literature. For example, one living in Texas may look for liberal arts majors in Texas to find the best possible schooling options.

  • A student will read classics as Paradise lost, A Rape of The Lock, as well as modern novels such as The Color Purple and The Grass Is Singing.
  • Literature studies include books of varied genres and styles. Each period has its distinct features that reflect in the literature of the era. For example, the age of Shakespeare or the Elizabethan Age is predominantly known for its dramas and sonnets. In contrast, the 18th century marks the beginning of the Novels to serve the rising middle class in Britain.

Exciting Career Opportunities: A English Literature student has access to varied job opportunities to pick and choose from. For example, one may very well go into academia and be a teacher, professor. Or one may also work in other professions such as international development, creative industry, tourism, and more. Many modern writers have a background in English literature studies. To be a successful writer, you must learn canonical works and modern contemporary writings. Since a student of English literature knows the background of the literature well, it is easier for one to write compelling stories. Many people go to the creative route and become scriptwriters for TV and Movies.

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