5 best cities for international students in the USA

Studying abroad can sound overwhelming and intimidating. Choosing a place to stay there is another story. You need to find a perfect city which caters for your studies, lifestyle and budget.

Instead of scratching your head overthinking about all this, why don’t you take a moment and have a look at these top 5 cities for international students in the USA? I can guarantee you that you will definitely find what suits your taste and needs from these below mentioned cities here

  1. New York

New York City is popular for its diverse cultures. It is famous for its names, ‘ The Big Apple’ and ‘The City That Never Sleeps’. The latter nickname is quite self explanatory and that’s  where everything happens! New York city harbours a lot of foreign nationals so you won’t feel out of place there. It is ranked 20th in the Best Students  Cities index.

Famous skyscrapers that serve as towering monuments, legendary music and fashion scenes, delicious delis and street foods and bright lights of Broadway are some of the things that are familiar to New York.

You are also likely  to find familiar foods in these street foods as some of the street vendors are also foreign nationals. That way you won’t feel so homesick. If anything of these appeals to your taste, then New York City is the place you should be.

New York city hosts top Universities like Columbia University, New York University as well as various other institutions which are ranked in the top 800 in the world. Work related learning is  not a problem there as there are many opportunities since New York city is labelled ‘The Capital of the World’.

If you are lucky, you will also be able to secure a job there after graduating because  New York is not home to only international students but companies that employ foreign nationals.

Living in New York, you will be guaranteed a desirable and quality lifestyle. So if your pockets allow, you can lead a quality lifestyle there whilst studying.

  1. Boston

If you are looking to rub shoulders with the world’s top intellectuals then you should look no further than Boston. Especially with the fact that the student-centred town of Cambridge, MA is nearby which is home for the most famous Harvard University and Massachusetts Institution of Technology. Besides these two, Boston also hosts five other universities which rank in the top 400 in the world.

Because of all these factors, Boston has managed to scoop number 13 position in the QS Best Students Cities index.

Every student both in the USA or abroad dreams of studying at Harvard or have dreamed about that once in their lives. So if you are one of  those and want to make your dream a reality, then you should probably consider living in Boston .

Employers are also very much aware of Boston’s prestige, as seen by its position as second best in the index for employer activity.

Boston is also famous for arts and culture, particularly contemporary classical music. If you want to take a break and get your hair down, then the city’s pubs and bars will give you the relaxation you need. And if you are into sports, that one can be covered too.Chicago

Chicago is well known as ‘The Windy City’ both metaphorically and literally. If you are in for a fast-pace fun-filled life then you must seriously consider Chicago. Chicago also harbours a lot of foreign nationals so you wont  be the only one from abroad.

Chicago ranks 30th in the Best Students Cities and is home to two of the most renowned universities in the USA some of which are, the University of Chicago and Northwestern University.

Besides these, there are also two more universities in this city which are in the world’s top 500.

Due to this, employer activity is also high in Chicago giving you lots of opportunities for work related learning.

4. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is well known for its creativity activities.

If you are into creative arts like film, music, television then  Los Angeles is your ideal place.

It is ranked 42 in the Best Students Cities index and is home for most prestigious universities in the USA including the University of California,  Los Angeles.

The weather in LA is also good as sunshine is available almost all year round.

If you are fond of the beaches and lying in the Californian sun then consider trying out Los Angeles.

5. San Diego

Our last in the list but not least is San Diego. Located on the South-West coast, close to the Mexican border, San Diego has attractive beaches and various resort places. There are many universities and colleges in San Diego, one of which is the University of San Diego which offers MBBS programs. It is also home for most research institutions like the University of Columbia which has helped in the growth of biotechnology in San Diego.

So if you are looking to study Sciences and Biotechnology then San Diego is one of the choices you should consider.

Due to the growing rate of biotechnology there, employment opportunities are closer if you are studying in the area.

Those are some of the best ranked cities ideal for international students in the USA and am sure you will be able to find your ideal place on that list.

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