5 tips to engage with your employees

Engaging with your employees is key to ensuring your company is thriving and improving. If your employees are disengaged with their work or company culture, they won’t be 100% committed to their work. With the current business climate, things are moving faster than ever, including what keeps employees engaged and happy. To satisfy those that work for you, it’s important to keep up with this and to adapt as needs change. Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement doesn’t have to be expensive, a stronger emphasis on mental wellbeing can do wonders to motivate a team. There are also ways to make sure your team is encouraging engagement amongst each other, such as to create a positive workplace environment. To further this, especially if you require a dramatic change in your engagement with employees, it’s important to implement strong behavioural change management techniques to ensure these improvements last long term.

5 Tips To Engage With Your Employees:

1. Supply The Right Tools

To allow employees to reach their full potential, it’s important to make sure they’re supplied with the right tools. This includes the basic tools they require to fulfil their duties such as laptops, stationery and the correct software. On top of this, a functional and aesthetic working environment will increase their engagement with you as employees will feel positive coming into their place of work. However, aside from physical tools, it can be more important to ensure your employees have the mental tools to succeed. Making sure they feel supported and know who to go to if they’re having any problems will help engagement.

2. Individual Attention and Tailoring

Having management individually check in on employees will make them feel cared for, asking them what they’d like is also the simplest method to engage with them. Offering additional training that’s tailored to each employee is a great way to engage with them as they’ll see you’re invested in their development and personal growth. By being better communicators with your employees, this also will set an example for them to engage with you more.

3. Get Social

The most effective way to get more engagement between you and your employees is to get to know them on a personal level. Building relationships with your colleagues outside of the formal working environment will allow you to understand them more and create a friendship. This will also encourage employees to make friendships amongst each other, creating a better atmosphere in the team.

4. Recognize Achievements

Another method to engage with your employees is to recognize their achievements and praise them when they’re doing well. This acts as motivation for them to work hard but also betters your relationship with them as you’re showing your investment in their progress.

5. Ask For & Act On Feedback

Meeting regularly with employees to discuss with them what they need from you will give your employees a voice, which is vital to make them feel accepted within the company. This will also increase your engagement with them and acting on the feedback given to you will show you’re a trustworthy leader.

Key Takeaways?

When running a team or company, engaging with your employees is fundamental to creating a positive working environment. Alongside increasing employee satisfaction, it will also improve productivity and yield better results for the company. There are numerous ways to engage with your employees, but making sure they feel happy and supported within their role is the most important!

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