What are the alternatives for international students in terms of housing, and what are the essential considerations when picking where to live? Whether you are looking for student hosting in Brighton, Manchester, London or any other city, this guide will help you find the right host.

So you’ve opted to study Abroad, suppose London. You’ll need student accommodation in London now. For the next few years, this will be your home, where you will live, eat, sleep, and have your social life more often than not. So, before you go on to make a final decision, do some research and exploration.


When you are thinking and researching about studying abroad, one of the first things that come to mind is likely to be housing. A variety of factors will influence your final decision.

When it comes to international student housing in London, there are many options to consider and a number of considerations and checkpoints to go through before making your decision, which is certain to be somewhat dependent on personal preference.

Whatever your budget, there will be a housing alternative for you, whether it be university accommodation or private sector housing.

As an international student, you may be living on your own for the first time or perhaps travelling abroad. It could also be your first time managing expenses and dealing with any part of lodging.

As a result, it’s critical to recognise right away that this is a serious decision. Your student housing in Manchester will be a place for you to rest, study, and, most importantly, make friends with locals and other travellers.

Support and planning

The general guideline to remember is that you are responsible for arranging your own housing. Still, your institute may give assistance or support, particularly when it comes to university housing.

This assistance could range from them actually finding a place for you if you wish to trust their judgement to provide you with a variety of possibilities or simply counselling you on the best practice to follow.

In addition to counsel and aid from your university, most nations have specific organisations whose mission is to advise and relieve the strain of the entire process.

They also frequently have contacts with other housing groups and may be able to assist you if you are facing any trouble finding a place to live. Check student notice boards (both online and offline), as well as local publications, for rooms, flats, and houses for rent.

You could see yourself ending up in anything from a beautifully refurbished house to a shabby student hangout, depending on your preferences and how well you plan ahead and research the student housing market in your selected destination.

Types of student accommodation

Depending on where you want to study, your options for student housing may be extensive and provide a wide range of experiences. You’ll also discover that finding a place to stay in some nations is as simple as falling off a log, while in others, you’ll need to plan ahead of time and often spend more than you anticipated.

University campus accommodation

Campus housing is provided by the university and is usually located within the university’s boundaries. There are various benefits to this, and as a result, it is frequently the first port of call and the most advantageous option.

You’ll most likely be near other university buildings, and the institution will most likely look after your safety, with protected entrances and possibly even security guards on hand.

There are also social advantages: you’ll be living with a large number of other students, both local and international. Many halls of residence host social activities to bring residents together on a regular basis, in addition to the more casual encounters that arise from cooking in a community kitchen, hanging out in a shared recreation area, or simply bumping into folks on your way in and out.

What if my university doesn’t offer student housing?

Of course, there are certain drawbacks. The quality of the facilities is going to differ substantially, so make sure to consider factors like location, room size, and the number of people using the area before making a decision.

Campus housing is unusual or not available at all in some nations. There are almost none in Germany and Holland. It is only available to winners of government-sponsored scholarships in France.

Private lodging will usually be readily available in such countries.

Although you won’t have the same social scene as students in halls, you’ll typically discover clusters of student housing, so you’ll still feel like you’re living in a student community.

There are also the advantages of being closer to other areas of local life and possibly being more absorbed in the life of the city or town where you are based.


Another very popular option is to stay with a local family, which is particularly common in nations such as the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and Canada. Homestays can be a wonderful experience, offering a unique approach to learn about the local culture and possibly learn the language.

Universities may offer programmes that match students with appropriate families and help families with hosting english language students. Meals are normally included in the price.

Some institutions may also offer to arrange temporary housing for you, allowing you to view around and make a well researched and informed decision about which type of student housing you will choose when you arrive.

How can Amber help you?

We at Amber serve millions of students around the world by providing the best-suited options for you and rewarding experiences because we apprehend its value. We are up to date with the most recent COVID-19 protocols and would be more than thrilled to help you in booking your ideal student accommodation that feels like a home away from home. Stay tuned in to our Facebook and Instagram pages for the latest offers and updates.

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