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Getting a new phone is so exciting. Mobile Phones are our best friends nowadays and we store all our personal data into them. To protect your mobile we use glass guards and put heavy covers at the back which degrades the look of your phone. However mobile skins are the best way to change the look of your new or old phone without adding extra weight of cover on your phone.

In this blog, we will dig deep about the mobile skins and how they enhance the looks of your phone and also protect it.

What are mobile skins ?

Manufacturers have done a lot of work in designing a beautiful mobile phone but our mobile phones are fragile. So, it is mandatory to have some kind of protection around your phone. There are three options available in the market like sleeves, covers, mobile skins.

Most of us are familiar with mobile cases and even every mobile store in your neighbourhood has them at your shop. They add extra protection to your phone and when your phone falls down your case will protect it from damage. However they add extra thickness to your mobile phone and your phone appears through your pocket and sometimes if your pocket is small you have to hold it in your hand. Some new models like iPhone 12, galaxy S9 etc are already thick and adding extra thickness to them makes them difficult to handle.

The best solution to protect your phone without adding extra thickness is using mobile skins.

Mobile skins are made from fine quality vinyl and accurately designed for your mobile phone. Most of the mobile skins manufacturers like wrapcart offers customized designed mobile skins. Skins are very helpful in protecting your device without adding extra thickness. They are scratch proof and fit the size of your mobile.

The thickness of a mobile skin is 0.22 mm and now you can now imagine how precisely they fit on your phone. If you have an old phone and want to change its looks the mobile skins are the best way to do this. A mobile skin covers the back of your phone and sides, thus giving your phone a fine layer of protection from scratches.

Nowadays many mobile skins come with glasses at the back. Using a hard case will put scratches on the glass and if you are frequently removing your case, it will also spoil the sides of your device. Mobile skins are however fixed, thin, attractive and trendy. Most skins are perfectly cut to match the design of your phone. Every button, speaker, sensor and speakers are left out in the design of mobile skin and they are so easy to wrap on your phone.

Types of Mobile skins in Market

There are many types of mobile skins available in the market and many reputed e-commerce stores are selling them online. Just type the keyword “mobile skins” and you will see websites which are into this business.

Here are some of my favorite mobile skins:-

  1. Mighty Owl Mobile Skins Mighty owl mobile skins come in different colours like orange- black, blue – white, green and red. They are very cool and available for all models. With these skins your phone will look attractive.

Do you know that in ancient times Romans believed that owls were their protector?

In the same way this mobile skin provides style and protects your phone from any mishappening. Apart from mobile skins you can also use this skin design for your laptop, phone holders, airpods etc. They are available by different names – mighty owl yellow, mighty owl black, mighty owl green.

  1. Captain America Mobile Skins

Are you a big fan of Captain America ?

If you are then these skins are for your mobile. Your favorite marvel hero is now at the back of your phone with a shield in hand protecting it from dust, scratches and fall downs.

Many mobile skins manufacturers give you the option of choosing your favorite photo of Captain America and give you customized mobile skin of that pose.

If you like any other marvel superhero then there are a wide variety of skins to choose from – hulk mobile skins, black panther, spider man mobile skins etc.

  1. Iron Man Skins

Iron man skins are very popular among marvel fans. As Iron man protects the universe from Thanos these mobile skins protect your universe – mobile phone.

So get your Tony Stark skins at great price at wrapcart.

  1. Wooden Mobile Skins

If you are looking to give a professional look to your phone then wooden skins are for you. These skins will add class touch to your mobile phone and your coworkers will surely be impressed by the new skin of your phone. In wooden skins there are a lot of options available like oak wood skins, mahogany wood mobile skins, blue stripe wood skins etc.

  1. Space Mobile Skins

If you are a space lover then these skins are for you. Your mobile phone looks cool having astronaut skin at the back standing on the moon. You can also have other mobile skins like galaxy mobile skins, star skins, asteroid skins, planets skins etc.

If you like travelling then have the skin of your favorite place on your mobile back. You can choose from globe mobile skins, beach mobile skins, compass skins etc.

How to check the quality of mobile skins ?

Now until this point, I think you have made your point to purchase a mobile skin for your device. But here are some key points to check the quality of mobile skins before purchasing:-

  • Mobile skins should not harm the functioning of the camera, buttons, charging port, sensors or any other slot of your phone. These skins need to be precisely cut to match the design of your smartphone.
  • They should be made from fine quality vinyl and resistant to scratches, dust and fingerprints.
  • .A high quality mobile skin offers a good grip of the phone.
  • The thickness of mobile skins should be around 0.22mm and offer bubble free application.

Mobile skins are highly customizable and available in different designs. You will not find these features in mobile cases.

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