Best Part-Time Jobs For UK Students

Students often opt for part-time jobs in the UK in order to pay off their education loans as well as cover their extra expenses. This helps students to utilize their spare time well plus helps them in gaining experience, exposure, and certain skills which will surely assist them in the long run. Students in the UK have the liberty to apply for part-time jobs along with their studies. There are many options not only those boring tedious jobs but, in fact, there are many interesting jobs that you can do while also earning a few bucks!

  1. Receptionist

If you have great communication skills and you wish to be able to talk to people more confidently, then here is the job for you! A receptionist has to deal with lots of customers in a day and should possess brilliant communication and organizational skills.

The duties would include greeting people and helping them through their queries, explaining certain things, attending and making phone calls, and taking note of visitors amongst many other tasks like do my assignment for me UK is doing for the past fourteen years.

The average hourly pay of a receptionist is £9.84.

  1. Delivery Driver

Ever since the pandemic, online shopping has become tremendously popular among people. From delivering Amazon parcels to the grocery to other necessary items, customer delivery has become a popular thing.

You should know how to drive and possess a driving license plus you should also know how to deliver fragile items with care. Many companies would ask you to do the delivery in your cars or will provide you the company vans to carry out the deliveries.

The average hourly pay of a delivery driver is £4 – £6.

  1. Cleaner

A cleaning job is a good option for someone who is a cleaning freak. If you enjoy doing cleaning, then this job is definitely for you. Either you can work individually and grow your references or you can work for a company that provides cleaners.

It will include cleaning hotel rooms to offices to the bedroom and even dirty bathrooms. The cleaning regime would include sweeping, dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, mopping, and much more.

The average hourly pay of a delivery driver is £9.

  1. Library Assistant

Are you a bookworm? Do you like the scents of old books? Do you enjoy reading for comfort? Then the job of a library assistant is just the right thing for you. Your dream of staying between books will be fulfilled.

Your job would include keeping track of books in the library, maintaining a directory, keeping a record of books issued to students, and making sure the books are placed on their right shelves based on their genres. This job is dream come true for a person who loves reading.

The average hourly pay of a library assistant is £10 – £12.

  1. Photographer

If you have a love of photography, then you can use your photos to sell them to photo libraries. They have a scheme where you get a percentage of your sale price for a given number of years, helping you earn good bucks. The price you get depends entirely on the quality and demand of your photo.

You can also use your photos to create creative content out of it and earn handsome money.

The average price at which a photo can be is sold is £70.

  1. Babysitter

If you know how to tackle kids and their tantrums, then you can be a good babysitter. This job is flexible as the timings are concerned, plus you get to know the local people better. A babysitter earns well in the UK.

There are two ways that you can create your market. Either you advertise your services on your own or it goes through word-of-mouth. Or you can get yourself associated with a babysitting company. The average hourly pay of a babysitter is £12 – £15. However, there will be families who will pay for your ride to and from home as well as your meals, so all in all it’s a good and giving job.

Getting yourself hired by an agency is however a bit pricey. You will have to get yourself checked to confirm if you are a fit for working with children which cost around £23.

  1. Proof-reader

Do you wish to pursue your career as a proof-reader in the future? Do you like editing and formatting texts? Then you are a fit for a proof-reader.

A proof-reader’s job includes editing and formatting and picking out grammar mistakes and fixing them. You can make a Facebook page to advertise your services and get those students on board who want to get their work proofread, the average price per page is from £8 to £10 and students can earn good money by selling your services.

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