Buying Essays Online- Is It Safe and Legal

Buying Essays Online: Is It Safe and Legal?

It’s no secret that students from various corners of the world actively use the services of custom writing sites. They do that due to various reasons. Some lack the time or have poor skills. The others have missed too many classes because of illness and cannot catch up with their peers. Some have certain subjects and cannot complete essays perfectly. Therefore, the use of writing sites is an obvious measure. However, many students wonder if it’s safe and legal.

We want to cut it short and give a clear answer. You can buy custom essays online written by academic experts according to your paper guidelines, within the deadline you need! However, we think you need an explanation for this matter. Your teachers and professors have surely told you that it’s illegal, and you may probably trust them. However, no law forbids using the services of custom sites. It is LEGAL and you do not break any law.

Your educators are simply against this way of solving learning issues. They want their students to handle all the assignments without professional help. We understand them because students should develop their skills and obtain experience. In the meanwhile, students may have no physical possibility to manage their tasks. If you don’t overuse professional help, this measure is justified.

Buying Essays Online- Is It Safe and Legal
Buying Essays Online- Is It Safe and Legal

How to Find Custom Agencies

If you intend to use a custom writing agency, you have to undertake several simple steps. They are as follows:

  • Open your browser;
  • Specify a good keyword;
  • Check the first 2 pages of your search engine;
  • Create a checklist of the necessary parameters;
  • Begin a comparison.

The results of the first 2 pages proposed by a search engine are commonly the most reliable and surely the most popular. Bookmark those sites and begin to compare them to your checklist. You may include quality, kinds of services, guarantees, etc. Afterward, compare those sites with one another to define a leader.

How to Define a Reliable Site

Once you complete your research, begin to verify the effectiveness and reliability of this or that site. You should clarify certain conditions, rules, and guarantees. Be sure to check:

  • Niche. It’s vital to collaborate with a famous site, which is highly reputed in the niche of academic writing. Check how many years it functions and how high its rating is. Commonly reliable sites work for at least 2-3 years. However, the best ones are the sits that work for 7+ years.
  • Licensing. Obligatorily verify the legal status of the anticipated writing platform. It should provide contact information, addresses, and licenses on its main site in open access. Be sure to write and call the team of support to confirm the status.
  • Privacy. Give close heed to the privacy policy. The platform is obliged to never reveal any facts about its clients to anybody else.
  • Availability. As it’s an online agency, it’s supposed to function day and night. Make sure you can place orders and ask questions when you want.

Additional tip: Make sure to read customer’s reviews. People who really used the services of a custom platform may tell you a lot about their reliability and guarantees. By reading comments and reviews, you will surely find many useful facts that can tell whether a certain platform is worth a try.

Advantages and Guarantees You Receive

When you examine a custom writing site, you are supposed to check various conditions and guarantees. Their quality, availability, or absence can tell you a lot about a certain platform. Obligatorily check the next essentials:

Kinds of Services

Make sure the chosen site can provide all the necessary academic features. You will surely need more than writing help. You may have problems with editing, citing, or even a selection of topics. Obligatorily check if writers can:

  • Write;
  • Edit;
  • Proofread;
  • Cite;
  • Rewrite;
  • Outline;
  • Generate topics;
  • Outline;
  • Find relevant data;
  • Eliminate plagiarism;
  • Make references, etc.

It’s better to choose a platform that has at least 200 active writers because you may need help with different subjects. Make sure experts can help with biology, math, algebra, history, business, and other popular subjects. Some non-common subjects are also welcome! Besides, the experts are supposed to complete all types of essays and other academic projects.

Speed of Execution

Time is crucial for every student. Therefore, read the review of clients and also find proofs on the official website about the issues of delivery. Your site is expected to deliver orders on time with no exceptions. The success rate of the on-time deliveries should be not less than 97%. Read client reviews and find data offered by rating agencies. They can be trusted because they are objective and independent. They give precise numbers.

Price Policy

The question of money is vital for most students. They don’t have much money and have to watch their budget expenses. Some sites may set a too high cost for their services. In the meanwhile, other highly reputed platforms do papers of the same quality but offer cheaper conditions. Therefore, it makes sense to compare all options. The average cost is $11-13 per page.

Accessibility and Support

It’s important to find a platform that is at work 24 hours round the clock. It will provide you with the possibility to place instant orders even deep at night. Besides, the team of support should be also available to provide answers 24/7.

Privacy Measures

Obligatorily check the way the chosen agency protects its clients and its site. It is obliged to never share any details about its clients with other people, third parties, or companies. Its anti-virus software should be updated and protect the databases from all kinds of viruses and hackers.

Buying academic essays online is legal, but you ought to be cautious. Obligatorily take into account all the tips and recommendations mentioned in our article. They will help to identify a reliable custom writing site to help you with the most urgent and complex tasks.


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