What are the alternatives for international students in terms of housing, and what are the essential considerations when picking where to live? Whether you are looking for student hosting in Brighton, Manchester, London or any other city, this guide will help you find the right host. So you’ve opted to study Abroad, suppose London. You’ll […]

Environment Concerns Are on The Rise: Craft Your Career Around it!

Social consciousness is spreading through many facets of life. In the business world, it’s creating opportunities to become alpha and increase the credibility with investors and consumers at the same time. Surprisingly, consumers are becoming evangelists for the companies who are environmentally responsible. In fact, more than 60% of global consumers are even willing to […]

Personal Branding For Top Executives- How To Make It Work

Branding is a business buzzword, as no company can survive and thrive without building a brand that the customers know and connect with. However, it is also emerging as a requirement for professionals, specifically top executives and business leaders. They need to create an image that sets them apart and ensures that people remember and […]

COVID-19: Return-to-Work Checklist for Businesses

Government authorities and employers in countries all over the world are considering ways to reopen businesses after the COVID-19 lockdown. Businesses are deciding when and how to bring their staff back to work. It’s critical to have detailed strategies and protocols in place before returning to work. This guide covers various considerations the HR department […]