3 Reasons High School Students Should Consider Going to College

You’ve probably heard your parents tell you that getting a college education is a great investment in your future so many times that it sounds like white noise at this point. The truth is that they’re right, and maybe not in the way that you expect. Most people expect to receive pre-professional training throughout their […]

How Colleges Can Improve and Modernize Their Cafeterias While Ensuring a Pleasant Dining Experience

College cafeterias are failing to attract students. Thus, colleges need to rethink their approach to modernizing the cafeteria and ensuring a pleasant dining experience for students. Here’s how that can be arranged. Bringing Changes to Your Menu A pleasant dining experience is non-existent without a diverse menu. While there are many ways to ensure diversity, […]


The International English Language Testing System is undeniably one of the most renowned English Proficiency Tests, and almost everyone who travels internationally is required to take it. The IELTS examination is now divided into two different categories: Academic and General. They are fundamentally identical IELTS examinations, with the exception of the objective of taking the […]

Academic survival tips for students: How to effectively summarize your course literature

As a new university student, you’ll quickly realise how much reading there is to get through as part of your course. In fact, the average student spends up to 20 hours a week reading academic literature as part of their self-directed study. That equates to dozens of journal articles, research papers and book chapters over […]