Mistakes You Are Making in Marketing Your Franchise

Here’s spine-chilling thought: What if customers in the market are oblivious of your franchise? For sure, your customers would have heard the name of your franchise’s brand. That’s the greatest benefit of working as a franchisee. But, what if your targeted customers don’t know that you exist in their neighbourhood and are open for business? […]

Efficacious strategies to write a band 7+ introduction

When you commence reading the essay the first thing that you look up to is the introduction. Every reader has a never-ending expectation from the introduction. The one that welcomes the reader into the essay and provides crisp information about all the essay. The introduction is one such part that usually compels the readers to […]

Is Bachelor of Communication Design a Good Career?

Communication design entails the use of design, visuals, and words aimed at attracting, communicating, informing, or triggering a response from the target audience about a product or service through the use of varied media vehicles. In addition, Communication design is also used to build brands, drive sales, social awareness, or support a humanitarian cause since […]

Horizontal Stretch of Functions – Properties & Examples

You may have already seen graphs with similar shapes but different widths. The functions may have been horizontally stretched using a base function. The horizontal stretch is one of the most commonly used transformation techniques when graphing functions, so it’s best to understand its definition. A horizontal stretch occurs when a base graph is widened […]