The Big Switch: Transitioning to Green Energy to Fight Climate Change

For marine geochemist and chemical oceanographer David Hastings, few issues are more pressing than climate change. A former teacher, Hastings maintains a particular focus on paleoclimatology – the history of past climate changes. Today, he believes the future of the fight against climate change rests on what’s being termed “The Big Switch.” The Big Switch […]

How Population Health Management Solutions Can Transform Your Team

Population health management, or PHM, is a business strategy that drives down costs and improves outcomes for employees. It helps you actively manage the health of your workforce, improve efficiency and productivity, and ultimately save money for your company. But what exactly is population health management? And how can it benefit you and your team? […]

Ellis and Burlington Review — Where to Go If You Lost Money to Crypto Scammers?

Ellis and Burlington review The unfortunate legacy of the crypto industry is over $7 billion lost by investors and regular people to thousands of scam artists who infected the whole domain. Among companies that promise to recover lost money, Ellis and Burlington stands out thanks to its proven track record and excellent service that has […]