Community Managers: What They Do & How to Find a Great One?

Are you looking out to purchase a home in an HOA (house owners association)-governed neighbourhood or complex? If yes, then one of the primary contacts is a community association manager.

This person is a link between you and the property owners. He’ll have all the information about how the neighbourhood or building runs. He has all the essentials and authority if someone’s vision of a property holds feasibility as per HOA’s bylaws or not. They’re in charge of determining the conditions, covenants and restrictions (CC&Rs) and ensuring the owner’s observations, including the property renting.

Community Managers- What do they do?

Community managers oversee business management, operations, budget, community services, and shared spaces. Besides being aware of and enforcing CC&Rs, these managers help keep up the local legislation speeds and share information with the board/company management.

Their role can also include administrative support that focuses on internal and external communications plus undertakes bookkeeping functions. Some important considerations can be putting the community newsletter and placing signage.

Some of the primary duties, which the experts at community association management undertakes are:

  1. Provides administrative support to owners and board of directors like placing material orders. Others can be managing correspondence and keeping track of vendor paperwork.
  2. Oversees budget tracking and financial management, which includes insurance shopping to monthly financial report creation. A community manager’s work may also identify a tax preparer, CPA, or attorney for the association.
  3. Supervises the maintenance of the property and upkeeping the amenities and facilities. Some of these are budgeting for upgrades and repairs, managing vendor bid processes, and tracking invoices.
  4. Creates presentations and other materials for community information, and they also print collaterals like flyers and handouts. Or, these may even be board meeting reports.
  5. Coordinates board meetings like meeting scheduling, meeting notice distribution, data and research preparation. These professionals may also be required to take meeting minutes and prepare action items that follow the meeting.
  6. Oversees homeowner communications via telephone, emails, or internal communications, which may be through signs, mailers, posted flyers, etc.
  7. Conducts equipment and site inspections like ensuring maintenance of facilities and grounds. These may also include an investigation of the complaints and HOA bylaw violations.

Community Manager- How to Find a Specialized One?

It is worth noting that the role of a community manager doesn’t need a specific degree or credentials. However, many organizations prefer a professional with certifications.

While selecting a community manager, make sure that the professional has a keen knowledge of inspections, horizon’s legislative changes, community improvements, among others. If these things already occur, they have the requisite knowledge of whether owners will hold responsibility for associated expense portions.

Thereby, while choosing a community manager, some essential qualities that you should look for are:

  1. Communication Skills: Real estate, property, and community association managers need to understand rental and leasing contracts. Thus, they should develop a clear understanding of materials, questions, and answers, which the board of members or residents raise.
  2. Interpersonal Skills: Since these managers need to interact with new people every day, they need to develop excellent interpersonal skills.
  3. Customer-service Skills: Community association managers must provide excellent customer services for keeping existing clients and expanding business with newer ones.

Organizational, problem-solving skills and listening are other skills that community managers must develop. If you come across a manager with expertise, knowledge, and necessary skills, as mentioned above, your best bet can be going with them.

The Verdict- Is a Community Manager Right for you?

It is imperative to turn a keen eye over a community’s needs and issues, which it can handle before deciding if a community manager is the right option for you or not. Just turn a keen eye to the skills one has and the responsibilities one are capable of handling.

In the end, it’s always about making a wise decision!

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