Complete Guide to PG in Digital Marketing

From big global brands to small businesses, all are hiring digital marketers to increase their online presence. But finding professional and qualified digital marketers in these times has become difficult. So if you want to become that professional and qualified digital marketer who earns one of the highest digital marketing salaries, then PG in Digital Marketing is the right path for you. In this article, I present to you a detailed guide to PG in Digital Marketing and how you can kickstart a career in digital marketing after that. 

What is a PG in Digital Marketing Course?

There are many types of digital marketing courses, namely- the advanced digital marketing course or the PG in Digital Marketing course that helps you specialize in your niche. 

A PG in Digital Marketing is an 11-12 month postgraduate course in digital marketing that focuses on the professional development of students instead of just training them in digital marketing concepts. 

Not only job-ready, but a PG in Digital Marketing also makes you corporate-ready. It includes managerial and soft skills training that helps you find better job opportunities than the rest. The PG in Digital Marketing syllabus includes- 

  • Inbound Marketing 
  • Outbound Marketing 
  • Media Management & Automation 
  • Managerial and Soft Skills 
  • Compulsory Internship and Thesis 
  • Specialisations 
  • Capstone Projects

Any PG in Digital Marketing must include all of the above modules without which the digital marketing training will be incomplete. 

How to Choose the Best PG in Digital Marketing for Your Needs?

There are 100s of digital marketing institutes offering an exclusive PG in Digital Marketing course but very few actually fulfill the criteria that I am going to list below. Before choosing the best PG in Digital Marketing course that suits your needs, consider the following criteria-

1. Specialization

What makes a PG in Digital Marketing special? It is the chance that they offer aspiring marketers to become an expert in their choice of digital marketing niche. Two specializations that everyone should look for while choosing your PG in Digital Marketing course are- 

  • Content Marketing- Marketing professionals/students wishing to develop their expertise in blog writing, social media management, short-form videos, or other types of content. 
  • Performance Marketing- Those who have a special connection with numbers and have a passion for paid marketing should consider performance marketing. 

2. Managerial Skills 

A PG degree or MBA will enable you to adapt to the leadership characteristics of a manager. A PG in Digital Marketing will also improve the quality of your job opportunities thanks to its managerial and agency skills. 

Having a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, which includes managerial skills training, makes you more likely to be hired because eventually, you will need to work in teams, so these soft skills will be of help to you.

3. Higher Salary Spike

While other certificate courses can help you find jobs in digital marketing, a PG degree in Digital Marketing will always increase your value in the industry.

Hirers realize that if you have advanced knowledge and managerial skills, you can add more value than any other marketing candidate, which will lead to a higher salary spike or a promotion.

4. Placement Opportunities

100% placement is one of the unique benefits of a PG degree in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing Institutes with a strong corporate network often hire from the PG courses in Digital Marketing. By utilizing placement services, students can avoid wasting their time on finding suitable jobs on their own. 

An important benefit of a PG in Digital Marketing is placement assistance for marketing professionals and students.

5. Advanced Industry-Level Training

There is one particular benefit of a PG in Digital Marketing that is quite interesting and often overlooked by a lot of PGs in Digital Marketing courses. The PG in Digital Marketing doesn’t just provide advanced theoretical knowledge but should also include a lot of practical learning in the form of internships and capstone projects.

A digital marketing internship gives students an insight into the department of a business and helps them determine their niche of strength. Furthermore, capstone projects allow students to act as marketing heads of popular brands and create their own branding strategies. 

Career Opportunities and Salary after a PG in Digital Marketing 

A PG in Digital Marketing helps you understand the principles of marketing along with specializations in digital marketing niches such as Performance Marketing, Creative Strategy, etc. 

Those with a PG in Digital Marketing from a reputable university can get better employment chances. Along with increased employment chances, a PG in Digital Marketing graduate may expect to earn an average income of over $70,000 annually, which is $20,000 more than a diploma holder.

After earning your PG in Digital Marketing, you can apply for jobs as a Senior Digital Marketer, Brand Manager, or Digital Marketing Manager.


More than completing any PG in digital marketing course, the choice of the institute that you pursue the course is important. A reputed institute will always help you reach a corporate network and help me newer personalities and hence should be your first preference. As more than 55% of businesses go online, the demand for digital marketers is increasing and a PG in Digital Marketing would help you stand out.

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