Ellis and Burlington Review — Where to Go If You Lost Money to Crypto Scammers?

Ellis and Burlington review

The unfortunate legacy of the crypto industry is over $7 billion lost by investors and regular people to thousands of scam artists who infected the whole domain. Among companies that promise to recover lost money, Ellis and Burlington stands out thanks to its proven track record and excellent service that has many facets and helps people not only get their money back but to avoid such mishaps in the future. Find out about all the features in this Ellis and Burlington review.

Thousands of people who lose money to various crypto artists believe that don’t have a chance of recovering lost funds, but they are wrong. Companies like Ellis and Burlington can help in many scenarios. Whether you were tricked by a crypto company that turned out to be a massive Ponzi scheme or fell victim to someone promising huge profits on social media, you will be able to get some assistance from Ellis and Burlington.

No one in this industry can guarantee that you will be refunded, but you will get an opportunity to return at least a portion of the money that was stolen from you by fraudsters. If you have a negative experience interacting with any phony company in the crypto industry, you should contact Ellis and Burlington and inquire whether they can help you.

How does Ellis and Burlington conduct its investigation?

The use of unconventional and even “gray” methods of tracking down scammers works perfectly in the crypto industry which is still unregulated and has many loopholes that bad actors can use. Another big problem is that many scammers can hide their transactions with help of exchanges that provide what is essentially a money laundering service.

The complete anonymity of the industry also creates obstacles in front of those who want to try and recover their money. The task seems to be insurmountable, but experienced agencies like Ellis and Burlington can overcome such obstacles by using methods that are usually unavailable to law enforcement. Another important thing to remember is that Ellis and Burlington is not as limited by international borders as authorities.

Here’s how the company works:

  • Specialists of Ellis and Burlington start gathering information about the incident in which your funds were stolen. The process involves collecting documents, gathering screenshots, etc. During this process, your recollection of the event is also meticulously recorded to include all potential details.
  • The next step is the investigative process when the company uses gathered evidence to find the scammer. The company uses all available resources and novel methods of identifying people online to track down the fraudster quickly.
  • When they find them, the negotiation process begins. The company starts threatening the scammer with lawsuits and publication of their personal information. Many scammers give up quickly to avoid problems and prefer to just pay back what they stole.

Should you trust Ellis and Burlington?

When it comes to recovering money lost to crypto scams, the most significance carries user reviews and the track record of the company. Ellis and Burlington has many positive testimonials to its name and boasts over $15 million in recovered funds returned to people.

The company operates transparently and provides detailed reports about the course of the investigation. You will receive notifications about new developments and letters containing new relevant information that could be used to file a lawsuit against scammers if the recovery process fails.

Even if the company cannot recover the funds using informal ways and negotiating, it will provide you with valuable evidence that can be incredibly valuable for any legal action.

Privacy policy at Ellis and Burlington

The company understands the value of sensitive information and never shares user data with third parties and business partners. The data is encrypted and stored on their servers. Even data collected with cookies that you accept is never used by the website in favor of corporate interests.


The good reputation of Ellis and Burlington fund recovery firm and its novel approach to investigative work allow us to recommend this website to anyone who lost money to crypto scammers. It is a trustworthy company with a rich history of success!

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