Employee Benefits Trends 2021 –The Best Recruitment Strategy

In the modern era, employee benefits and HR policies have been constantly upgraded to support the work and life environment that is best-suited for the employees. While employee benefits are associated with factors like leadership, work performance, and so more, there are several employee benefits that revolve around the concept of personal benefits as well. These might include gratuity, annuity, home loans, provident funds, gym memberships, club memberships, shopping discounts, travel allowances, and so more.

In 2021 itself, people have started observing that most of the employee benefits offered to them are either irrelevant or redundant. As an organization, if you wish to draw the attention of a dynamic workforce that aims at going across the challenges of the ongoing pandemic, then it is high time that you should consider revamping the existing plan for employee benefits.

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Employee Benefit Trends for Improved Employee Recruitment 2021

Some of the employee benefit trends to look out for in 2021 are:

#Emergency Savings Fund

The ongoing pandemic has left its mark and effect on almost every business or industry out there. The pandemic teaches that emergencies can affect any business without any warning. Most organizations, therefore, offer access to emergency saving funds or schemes. These employee benefit schemes are great ways to impress the existing employees, earn their respect & loyalty while attracting a better new workforce.

You can consider taking help of either an offshore or an onshore recruitment consultancy agency to come up with the best employee benefits package for your teams.

#Support for Remote Work

With the pandemic, the concept of working remotely –inside homes, has become mainstream. Even with so much turmoil going on all around the world, organizations continue doing business with the help of the concept of remote working of the employees.

However, not every organization out there is capable of offering support for remote working. As these organizations try recruiting manpower for expansions or new projects, they come up with minimal opportunities to attract worthy professionals. As such, companies that allow employees to go on with working from home are able to attract the right talent quite easily.

#Improved Flexible Working

Employment that is home-based is not exactly a perfect arrangement for most employees. In the current scenarios, multiple challenges might come up. As such, organizations can look forward to making lives simpler for the employees by offering flexible working benefits.

This implies that employees are given the option of not going forward with the general rules of working hours. With the help of flexible working hours and scenarios, employees can consider taking work home in case some emergency comes up. Employees are given the ease of accessing the right resources for enabling home-based, hassle-free employment conditions.

#Family-friendly and Child Support Policies

As the coronavirus pandemic continues creating havoc on day-to-day life patterns, it is important to take care of family members –especially children and the elderly. In such a scenario, individuals are expected to make relevant decisions based on the personal life situations. This has led to an increase in absenteeism, time-offs, unpaid or long paid leaves, and so more.

With employee benefits that offer support for child care or employee’s caregiver responsibilities, you will be freeing them from several major responsibilities affecting the respective work life. As a result, you can expect improved productivity, better employee availability, and top-class performance.

#Paid Time-off and Caregiver Support

During the pandemic, an increasing number of female employees had to offer resignation from the respective jobs. This is because the overall role of caregiver is regarded as that of women in most families. As a matter of fact, most male employees of the organization also had to take the decision of leaving the organization or going for unpaid leaves.

As such, an increasing number of organizations faced the loss of talent along with increasing skill gap issues. By offering caregiver and paid time-off abilities, the organizations helped in improving employee retention.

#Health Insurance

Much more than ever before, the recent times have highlighted the importance of a relevant health insurance policy. As an organization, if you wish to ensure maximum employee retention, then it is important to keep them motivated throughout the working culture. The health insurance benefit will serve as a major tool for attracting potential candidates to work with your organization while winning the loyalty of the existing workforce.

#Extended Support for Well-being

If the overall well-being of the employees is not catered for, they will find it hard to focus on the given work. Eventually, this will bring down their productivity and performance. Organizations maintaining a high profile usually offer extended support for the overall well-being of the employees. You should consider both monetary as well as non-monetary support to the employees that is conducive to the overall health and safety.

#Support for Mental Health

With the rampant health issues and deaths that the current workforce is facing due to the pandemic, the difficulties tend to increase manifold for most employees out there. With disturbing things happening all around, it becomes mentally exhausting for the workforce to focus on the respective tasks. Common mental health concerns like anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, and so more are on the unprecedented rise.

It is one of the reasons why organizations should focus on including a proper mental health care & support package for the existing and new employees. Psychiatric help, free counseling sessions, short paid leaves, and so more can help in boosting mental health of the employees.


As an organization, it is important to maintain proper balance between both recruiting and retaining employees.

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