How can a governess promote your child’s enrichment?

It is well known that having your child attend an excellent primary school whether public or private will ensure their future success in the long run. But did you know that their future success may also be positively influenced by something else? Something more tangible, but no less critical and that is a governess. Yes, a good governess, like that which Royal Teaching provides, can help your child get ahead of the pack. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, here are some additional reasons why having an educated and experienced governess hired for your child is an excellent idea:

  • Provide educational support, including test preparation

A governess’s first and foremost duty is to provide educational support for your child. This can include anything from test preparation, homework help, and after-school tutoring, all the way to preparing an entire curriculum tailored especially for your child’s needs. A colleague of mine who recently relocated from the UK to work as a governess in Dubai for a local family told me that she spends all her waking hours ensuring that their daughter is inspired, permeated with a passion for learning and an understanding of life-enriching subjects such as science, literature, drama, music, and art. “We ensure our clients receive a first-rate education and pass their GCSE’s (General Certificate Education) exams with flying colours,” she said. I think that’s a very noble thing to do for a learning child.

  • Bolster cultural and social activities

Governesses make excellent companions. They are cultured, well-educated, and up-to-date with the latest happenings in the world around them; they can make your child appreciative of different tastes, customs, traditions, and ways of thinking. “I can recall many occasions where I have escorted my pupils to music concerts, dance recitals, plays, and exhibitions as a way to introduce them to new ways of thinking, behaviour, and perception,” the governess Dubai told me. She said children learn from role models about how to behave in public & interact with other people – there the importance of manners starts with us.” That made a lot of sense”, I thought.

  • Generate enthusiasm for learning

You really can’t underestimate the value of having someone around who is always enthusiastic about learning. A good governess will help motivate your child to do well in school, not give up when faced with challenges, and work towards realising their dreams. This encouragement comes from the example set by the governess herself – she is an accomplished individual who has many years of learning and expertise behind her. And when children see that, they follow suit.

If this topic captures your interests & you feel committed to giving your child an extra boost to their education and future career prospects, hiring a governess is worth considering. A great starting point would be to seek an experienced governess service such as Royal Teaching to help you find the right one for your child. With Royal Teaching, you get carefully selected & highly qualified childcare service providers. You can rest assured that you are in good hands with them.

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