How to be a Good Marketer Without a University Degree?

Many people feel like they need a degree from a university to be a good marketer.  This is farther from the truth.  Although you can get some great insights and knowledge from getting a college degree, it’s not necessary.  There are several aspects of marketing that a person can develop outside of getting a degree.  Many qualities that to learn what makes a good marketer can even be innate qualities that an individual has.  We will be focusing on key aspects on how to be a successful marketer specifically for those in the US.  Getting a degree can always help focus in on and improve those skills that will help you be a better marketer.  We will help you know how you can do it in another way and really understand what are marketers.

Learn the basics

The first thing when approaching a new marketing position is to learn the basics.  There are generic basic qualities that you can learn that cross over to any niche or industry.  There are also aspects that differ between niches.  The marketing plan for baby food will be much different than personal injury lawyer marketing.  Some of the general skills you can develop to learn how to be a better marketer are:

1 – Analytical Capacity – being able to look through data and understand how to reach KPIs is a key skill you can develop

2 – Communication – as in all positions, communication with the client is key to make sure everyone is on the same page

3 – Writing – developing writing skills and knowing how to appeal to the audience helps you be more effective in marketing

4 – Visual Editing – videos and images convey messages, so knowing how to create and edit those will help you be a better marketer.

5 – Creativity – you can stand out when you are unique. This is a huge skill to develop.

6 – Teamwork – Working solo is great, but most of the great marketing plans come from group discussion.  Being able to work with a team is a great skill to have.

7 – Curiosity – learning how to wonder if what is created can be improved in any way is helpful.  Learning new technologies and being willing to change what you’ve created are key.

These seven qualities came from when the people at cyberclick asked “five different CMOs what qualities they look for in a good marketer.” (

Practice what you learn, on your website

One of the best things you can learn on how to be a better marketer is to practice what you learn.  Cognitively understanding a concept and implementing can be two different things.  As you practice the skills that you are learning it will become easier.  The more you practice the more it will become just a part of you, so you don’t need to think about it. 

Pick a specialization or two to focus on

Something you can do to learn how to be a successful marketer is to pick a couple different things to specialize in.  If you can really focus your skillsets to be expert level on a couple specializations, you can do well for yourself.  There are so many different types of marketers, that being good in all the areas can be very difficult.  Being good in one or two areas will help you know where you can market yourself to clients.

Apply for full-time jobs or do freelance work

One way for you to get great experience is to freelance or get a full-time job.  If you want to get in depth with a specific company in a niche or industry you are interested in.  Learning while on the job can be helpful while you work on your own website and other marketing things on the side.  If you would rather not get a full-time job, there are several opportunities and places where you can do freelance work.  Presenting yourself and your abilities to small businesses can be another way for you to get the experience that you need.  As you get a variety of clients, you will learn a broader range of niches and the different nuances for marketing.

Find a mentor or an expert to learn from

Everyone who is great has started from somewhere.  Finding a mentor who has been in the positions you are currently in is key to help you learn and grow quicker.  If you can develop a relationship with someone who is in a position where you want to go, you will increase the rate of speed to get there.  A mentor is someone who has more experience and can help you in your career path.  Sometimes it is difficult to find a person to develop that relationship with.  If you have a hard time finding someone or can’t afford to hire an expert there are other options. This article from Forbes helps direct you on how you can listen to and read leading experts’ books. (  You can take advantage of their expertise and experience through the books they have written.

Stay updated on trends

There are so many constants that happen in marketing.  There are even more trends that come and go.  It’s important for you to stay relevant and keep your clients happy to learn these new trends.  If you don’t have clients yet, it’s important to stay relevant so you can build up your client base. Some of the trends that may happen that you need to be aware of:

Technology – There is always a new trend and new updates

Influencers – Influencer marketing continues to grow, and needs to be considered

Strategy – Higher strategy continues to climb higher and needs to be aware of

Digital Jobs – Digital jobs continue to grow, and will continue to grow

Less is more – simplification is key in order to capture the target audience’s attention

There are other things to keep in mind, but these five areas are major things to consider as you are moving forward in your marketing career.


If you want to learn how to become a successful marketer, it’s important that you do a few things to set up your career.  If you learn the basics and practice what you are learning, that is the best way to start.  Get experiences whether a full time job or by freelancing.  As you are doing this, pick one or two areas to specialize in.  Get a mentor or an expert to learn as you are growing and progressing in your marketing career.  Doing all those things, and staying consistent, will help you find success in your marketing career!

Description: There are several aspects in a wide range of marketing. It takes a lot to learn how to be a successful marketer. Focusing on just a few of those things will help ensure your marketing career success.


Vitalii Nedzelenko is marketing manager in Good Zone Service & Repairs. He is passionate about digital marketing.

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