How to calculate significant figures for math problems

No doubt, calculating significant figures are somehow easy but not for everyone.

Some people found it difficult to understand how they can represent significant figures? So, this guide is for them.

First of all, you need to be very clear about what are significant figures in actuality? After that, you can represent or completely understand their concepts.

A significant figure is the most important and common term used in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and even science as well.

The basic purpose of using these figures is to make a calculated figure easy to read and understand.

So, let’s get towards the basic concept of significant figures.

What are significant figures in actuality?

Any non-zero number can be termed a significant figure. As we all know that many zeros have no impact on the calculations and these zeros are non-significant figures.

There are many rules to describe the significant figures and we will discuss these rules below.

After converting a calculation into significant figures, you can easily make your calculations easy to read and understand.

Now the question is how can we use these figures in science?

As we all know that there are many elements in science and each element has a number that describes its position so, the number is defined in the significant figures.

Rules of significant figures

As we mentioned above that many rules can define whether this is a significant figure or not.

So, these rules are listed down:

  • All non-zero numbers are significant figures
  • Zeros between a non-zero number is also a significant figure
  • Trailing zeros are also considered as significant figures
  • A final zero is also significant

How can we calculate significant figures?

You can easily calculate manually as well as you can also use a calculator. We have the option of using an online calculator.

If you want to see all the steps involved in your calculation, you can go for online calculators otherwise, conventional calculators can also help you in this context.

Example 1

Let’s take a value that is 1.623 x 4.2

So, when it comes to the 1.623, we have four significant figures.

And 4.2 has only two significant figures.

Example 2

We have a value 114.67 – 42.5

There are two decimal spaces in 114.67 and onlyone decimal space in 42.5

We have shortlisted some of the online calculators that are very efficient and easily solve significant figures.


It is not wrong to say that this is one of the finest and reliable online significant figures calculator and has an easy-to-use interface.

When it comes to the working of this calculator, we can say that this calculator assures complete accuracy and efficiency.

Some of the services provided by this calculator are listed down:

  • It will calculate total significant figures
  • The total number of decimals will be calculated
  • This tool will calculate E-notation
  • It also calculates scientific notations

How does it work?

As we mentioned above that the working of this calculator is very simple and easy so, let’s have a look at the steps.

  • You need to enter a number
  • You should select the round value from the scroll bar
  • By pressing the “calculate” button, you’ll get your results

2.      Sig fig calculator by

The second most reliable calculator is the Sig fig calculator by ALLmath and we can say that if your preference is easy to useinterface and accuracy then you must give it a try.

The working of this calculator is the same as the previously discussed calculator and this is a very reliable tool for finding significant figures.


All you need to enter two values that are the input value and the second one is round value; you can input round value from 0 to 5.

How does it work?

The working of this tool is similar to the previous one but still, we have to focus on the steps.

  • As soon as you stepped into the website, you will see two input fields
  • You need to enter a number you want to calculate a significant figure
  • The second important value is the round value
  • Hit the “calculate” button and you are all set to get your results
  • If you enter some wrong values, you can go for a reset button

Bottom line

We are surrounded by online tools which are helpful in the lengthy calculations as well as in the basic calculations but you must find out an authentic tool.

As we mentioned above that significant figures can be solved manually but we also have a choice of using calculators.

We have discussed the two best calculators that can surely help you in this context so, you must give them a try.

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