How to Easily Keep Track of Your Newborn’s Body Temperature

The normal temperature in children and babies is approximately 36.4C, although this can slightly vary. More so, a high temperature is usually deemed to be a temperature of 38C or above. Your baby may have a high temperature if they: feel sweaty, feel hotter than normal when you touch their back, stomach, or forehead, or even more if they have flushed cheeks. 

So, if you think your baby has a high temperature, it’s good you scan their temperature with a thermometer. By doing this you know if you need medical advice or not.

How to Easily Check Your Newborn’s Body Temperature

All you need to do to check your baby’s temperature or keep track of your baby’s body temperature is a digital Bluetooth baby thermometer as this will give you a fast and accurate reading, and you can easily buy them. Steps you should take when you want to take your newborn baby’s temperature:


  • Cradle your baby comfortably on your knee, thereafter place the thermometer in their armpit, you should always position the thermometer in the armpit with children under the age of 5. 


  • Gently and firmly clasp their arm against their body, so the thermometer can be in that position. The duration of how long the thermometer should be in that position depends on how long it says in the manufacturer’s instructions – for most, it’s about 15 seconds, more so, some digital thermometers beep when they’re ready.


  • Lastly, the display on the thermometer will in turn show your baby’s temperature.

How Do I Make Sure the Reading Is Accurate?

If you place the digital thermometer in your baby’s armpit and follow the manufacturer’s instructions well enough, your readings should be accurate. Although few things can seldom alter the reading – examples of things that can alter the readings are, if your child was: very active, wore a lot of clothes, cuddled a hot water bottle, wrapped up tightly in a blanket, or a very warm room. 


You should allow your baby to cool down for a few minutes, but don’t let them get too cold. Thereafter, take their temperature again to detect if there’s any change.

What Causes a High Temperature in Babies?

When babies usually have a high temperature. It’s a sign that your baby’s body system is trying to fight infections. Some very young children and babies have a high temperature after taking their vaccinations. But this usually goes away quite quickly by itself. If you feel concerned, you should speak to a health visitor or GP.

If you’re wondering what to do, when your baby has a high temperature, you can look after your baby at home when he/she has a high temperature. More so, you should give them a lot of drinks, to avoid dehydration, if you’re breastfeeding, do so to offer your baby plenty of food.


Finally, you should never take your baby’s temperature right after a bath or even more, if your baby has been bundled tightly for a while – this can affect the reading of the temperature.

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