How to Move to NYC with Pets? 5 Tips

Moving is stressful enough for humans, so imagine how much more stressful it is for pets. Our animal companions aren’t known for being the greatest travelers, and they don’t like having their daily routines disrupted. It’s not uncommon to see slight changes in pets, such as increased agitation, when they notice activity from their daily routine during the moving phase. Anyone who has moved with a pet knows how stressful it can be, mainly if you aren’t prepared for the animal’s reaction. Although there are no hard and fast rules for moving with pets but with long-distance movers, it’s easy, and these five suggestions will help make the process run more smoothly for all, whether you hire movers or do it yourself.


Tips to Move with Pets

For everybody, moving is a hassle. Imagine the additional perplexity for our feline or canine family members. A comfortable, predictable life is upended when the location where our pets called home mysteriously vanishes for unexplained reasons.


  1. Preparation is important.

Lack of planning is also one reason pet owners and pets find moving to be such a hassle. So, if you want to prevent a last-minute rush and panic, start packing as soon as possible before moving day. Pets are highly perceptive, and they can feel and mimic your tension and anxiety. The last thing you want is for your pet to become agitated due to stress on moving day.

Be sure to take it easy on them while packing and ease them into the routine. You can need to confine your pets to a cage for an extended period on moving day, so get them used to it before then. If possible, leave their favorite room unpacked while you load the rest of their belongings so they have a comfortable place to go when they’re feeling nervous.

  1. Learn about new home permits, regulations, and rules.

It is essential to review the laws and regulations of NYC and the district you are moving into before moving with your pet. In some areas, for example, there are rules about cleaning up after your dog in public areas, as well as limits about where you can carry your dog. You’ll almost certainly need to show paperwork proving that your pet is registered, vaccinated, and inspected regularly. Vaccines, medications, and certificates can vary from where you are now, so do your homework before relocating with your pet. You can get all of your questions answered by contacting your nearest animal control department. There’s still the problem of landlords to consider. Before renting out a room, always check with your landlord and the building’s caretakers, unless you’re moving into your own house.

  1. Relax and take it easy.

Both species have a high level of perception. Even the tiniest hint of a shift in routine will set off alarm bells. Rather than waiting for the last minute and throwing their lives into chaos, begin packing well ahead of time. Packing away the things gradually reduces their discomfort by acclimating them to this new routine. Also, try to concentrate on one room at a time, and when you begin to pack up more of your new home, try to keep one of their favorite rooms as intact as possible. It gives them a safe refuge to escape to. Set aside space in your new home to serve as their new “clean” room and keep them there while you unpack. To emphasize that this is their home, leave unwashed toys, beds, and other things from their previous residence.

  1. Hire a Pet Taxi or a Pet Mover to transport your pet.

Don’t forget about the transportation of Fluffy. Pet transportation in New York City is a problem that many people overlook. If you’re taking the subway, transporting a small dog or cat usually is easy because they’re allowed if they’re in a carrier and aren’t a nuisance. Larger dogs, on the other hand, have a problem with this. Calling a taxi, Uber, or Lyft could be an option, but the driver’s discretion is paramount. Instead, make your move more accessible by using one of NYC’s pet taxi services. Several trustworthy companies can safely transport your pet to their new home.

  1. Locate the Emergency Veterinarian in Your Area

Don’t waste time trying to find out where to take your pet in the event of a medical emergency. A few extra minutes may mean the difference between life and death. Even if it means an occasional trek, many people opt to keep their trusted veterinarian for general health while traveling. Please note the location of the nearest 24-hour pet care facility and add them to your speed dial.

Final Words

Are you and your furry family member prepared to relocate? Go through the above suggestions and hire a highly trained, qualified team of veterans that ensures exceptional customer service and the safekeeping of your belongings. It depends on you how you make your relocation as painless as possible.


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