How to Successfully Promote Yourself?

Whatever you do and whoever you are, personal branding and marketing is a must if you want to be heard in any space. It is very easy to fall victim to impostor syndrome or selling oneself short when building visibility for a personal brand. Understanding your audience, projecting your values and using readily available tools are cost-effective ways to achieve this. Keep reading if you have ideas that need to be marketed and you are saying to yourself, “I’ll have to give myself a promotion”.

The world has picked up a faster pace these past few years making certain skills necessary. Whether you are looking for a job or you are looking to make further business connections or just generate clients, the art of successful self-promotion is one you should be skillful at. Self-promotion is the act of authentically and truthfully providing strategic information about your value in order to create a positive image before a target audience. 

For effective personal marketing, there are few elements of your brand to consider. For example, you could promote your skills, experience, problem-solving abilities, expertise knowledge etc. Regardless of whatever space you find yourself, self–promotion is essential. In a dynamic and competitive location like the United States of America you want to make sure you’re consistently demonstrating your abilities informatively.

When promoting yourself, the end goal should always be to be the best or be named among the best. Being one of the best drone repair shop in NYC or, say, the most famous electric scooter rental could be a self-branding goal. It’s a long haul game but it is achievable and here are 5 simple do-it-yourself marketing tips that can be of help:

1. Always remember who your audience is

You are no doubt valuable but it’s quite impossible to reach everyone at once and not everyone needs the skills you have to offer. Clearly defining and understanding your audience helps you focus your resources and promotion efforts on the people that need you. To discover your share of the market, ask yourself questions and examine your responses. Questions such as: What type of customer benefits most from my product or services? What makes me unique? Then use data such as age, gender, purchasing power, social class, location, consumption habits and education background to define your target audience. For example your target audience could be: Men, 20-30 years old, passionate about fashion living in New York with a bachelor’s degree and monthly income of $5,000 – $6,000.

2. Talk about the values you represent

Growing up, you were probably taught modesty is the best policy. While that is true, in reality, it will be more difficult for others to discover your greatness on their own when you don’t practice self-promotion. In order to heighten your results, talk less about yourself and start placing emphasis on the values you have to offer.  To do this, quantify your worth and accomplishments by arming yourself with data on how much impact your skills have made in the past. Adopt an accomplishment narrative.


3. Demonstrate confidence and passion

Promoting yourself with confidence and passion makes your message too compelling to ignore. Projecting confidence in your products and services will help you earn the trust of your clients. Whenever you encounter people who do not like you or what you do, reframe their disapproval and refuse to let their criticism slow you down in any way.

4. Build a solid Network

Networking is a self-promotional activity. It is the act of introducing yourself and brand to someone new, discussing ways in which you can exchange values, and looking to solve problems utilising your mutual talents. Networking is about building longterm relationships as well as a good reputation. Networking raises your profile and improves your visibility.

5. Get Recommendations

If you don’t have them already, third-party recommendation might be the boost you’ve been looking for! Sharing testimonials and specific results your clients achieved working with you or using your products will help strengthen your brand image. Get reputable people to campaign on your behalf. The more people you can get to campaign the stronger your brand will be.

6. Do not let fear stop you

To promote yourself is to take a risk, putting yourself out there for people to judge. Asides that, Self-promoting could be a lot of work and the thought of engaging in it actively can be scary. Therefore approaching it with a reasonable and comfortable pace will help you a great deal. Set realistic goals and be patient with the results your actions yield. Remember successful self-promotion takes time.


You can stand out from the crowd and position yourself for global opportunities if you are able to promote the value you have to offer convincingly. While promoting yourself, never forget that no one likes a braggart;stay humble and relevant. The prevailing competitive climate should not deter you from trying but should rather motivate you to be the best there is. You have all it takes to win.

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