Is Bachelor of Communication Design a Good Career?

Communication design entails the use of design, visuals, and words aimed at attracting, communicating, informing, or triggering a response from the target audience about a product or service through the use of varied media vehicles. In addition, Communication design is also used to build brands, drive sales, social awareness, or support a humanitarian cause since it creates desiresand makes a favorable impacton the mind of the masses. Market research, creativity, and knowledge of various technical skills like typography, colour theory, and page layout, application of graphic designing, animation and multimedia tools, etc.are also included in Communication design.

Communication Design plays a significant role in disciplines like game design, digital & print media, animation, interaction design,photography, film making, motion graphics, 3D artists, etc.

Skills required to be aBachelor in Communication Design:

  • Visualization skills with aesthetic sensibilities
  • Creative and artistic skills in order to come up with unique concepts
  • Computer skills & knowledgeof tools and various software
  • Communication skills to interact with teams and various stakeholders
  • Team player
  • Attention to detail
  • Time management skills and capability to work under pressure to meet deadlines

Industry Scope: The services of the bachelor’s in communication designwill be required in varied industries. Following is the industry outlook for certain such disciplines:

  • The online gaming segment is projected to grow at 21% CAGR to reach 29000 crores by FY2025. (As per reports by KPMG)
  • By 2023, India’s animation and VFX industry is estimated to rise to 190 billion rupees
  • By 2025, the Indian animation and visual effects industry have the potential to capture 20-25% of the global market. (Source: The Media and Entertainment Industry report by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Boston Consulting Group (BCG))
  • At a global level, while there are approximately 4.7 billion internet users as of 2021, there are over 1.83 billion websites on the internet.
  • Indian media and entertainment industry is projected to rise to Rs 2,660.20 billion by FY 2023
  • India’s media and entertainment (ME) sector in terms of both consumer and advertising spending is projected to rise to Rs 4 lakh crore (approx.) by 2025 at a CAGR of 10.75% (as per the PwC report)

Career Scope:

Bachelor’s in communication designwill offer students the flexibility to work in various industries like industrial design, Gaming, publishing, web design, 2D/3D artist, architecture and interior design, movie industry, advertising, packaging, etc. Besides, this will also open for them the opportunities to work as strategic communication campaign managers, designers,special effects, animation, visual effects artists, Graphic Designer, Multimedia Designer, video graphics, creative and art directors, etc.

Communication Design Courses:

Lots of colleges are offering “Graphic and Communication Design” courses to facilitate a lucrative career. However, you need to deliberate on the following points to select the apt course to complete your Bachelor in Communication Design:

  • The course curriculum must offer competencies in graphics, typography, and digital media along with specifics such as information design, branding, editorial & publication, motion graphics, type design, advertising, web, and mobile app design, etc.
  • The course must offer certification by Media & Entertainment Skills Council (MESC). MESC is promoted by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) with financial support from National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC).
  • The course must ensure proper exposure to students through interactions with industry experts, live projects, participation in competitions, exchange programs, and internships.

So why wait? Just register for the course that opens the doors to a career in varied industries.

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