List of 7 promising career options for the next decade

Many people have lost their jobs and faced a setback in their careers in this pandemic. They are now having second or even third thoughts about their career choices. Some may even want to go back to school to attain the necessary education. Even new college graduates are finding it hard to get entry-level jobs. And those who are already in the job are seeking to get out of it due to less salary advancement.

But some careers still have a light at the end of the tunnel. The career options are promising and lucrative for people who are determined to seek a job. Do you want to know which jobs we are talking about?

We have come up with a list of profiles that are not only thriving now but are expected to boom throughout the next decade. So, without any further ado, delve beneath this article and fetch yourself with all the answers.

Wind turbine technicians – Let us tell you that the demand for wind turbine technicians is expected to grow at 61% over the next decade. Therefore, the number of job vacancies will surely grow in the coming years.

Wind turbine technicians do the work of installing and maintaining renewable energy systems. Hence, the individuals seeking to work in this field need to have detailed knowledge of wind turbines and their functioning.

The minimum requirement is to acquire a postsecondary non-degree award like a diploma or certificate in wind turbine maintenance to make it a smooth path. Besides, don’t forget to go for on-the-job training. These technicians work for utility companies and repair services. Those employed in this field may require to work for odd hours, in remote locations, or in bad weather. And the individuals in these fields are employed in the location where there are most wind turbines, such as California, Texas, etc.

Nurse practitioners – Nurse practitioners, also called advanced practice registered nurses, provide advanced health services to their patients. The responsibilities include physical examination, creating care plans, prescribing medications, and having a discussion with medical professionals.

The professionals in this field must possess knowledge in specific areas like pediatrics, geriatrics and the examples are many more. To practice this profession, you have to earn a postgraduate degree in at least one specialization. Moreover, you need to earn a registered nursing license as per the state. After this, you are all ready to work in hospitals or private clinics.

Supply chain management – Every business requires an optimum way to reach consumers. And this task requires multiple employees to manage the flow of goods and information efficiently. That is where supply chain management comes in. It is a process through which an organization delivers goods, information, and resources from suppliers to consumers.

If you want to earn big bucks in this field, you require a bachelor’s degree with few years of experience in a particular area of the supply chain like manufacturing. Afterward, you can put your feet in the field of the supply chain like warehouse jobs, logistics planner, production manager, to name a few. Thus, with multiple areas of specialties in this field, you can have a career with a high average salary and more advancement opportunities.

Occupational therapy assistants – Occupational therapy assistant (OTA) is a growing and diverse field. The OTAs work under the direction of an occupational therapist (OT) in various therapeutic activities. The OT is responsible for developing and assessing the treatment plans for patients. On the other hand, OTA executes those plans.

The least required to be an OTA is to obtain an associate degree from an accredited occupational therapy assistant program. As this occupation is state-regulated, hence students must acquire a license plus earn the degree. They also need to complete the fieldwork and pass the NBCOT (National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy) examination.

Statisticians – Statisticians are also known as mathematicians who evaluate and apply data in various fields. Taking the most out of mathematics and statistical interpretation, statisticians collaborate with the government, universities, and many research institutions and consulting services. They forecast trends and results and create prediction models. Hence, no wonder this profession demands higher critical thinking skills.

To excel in this field, one must possess an advanced degree or at least a master’s degree in statistics.

Forest fire inspectors – The forests are the lifeline of this planet. And to your surprise, every year, a large chunk of forests are lost due to wildfires, especially in the parts of west America. This is a massive loss in terms of human and animal habitation. Forest fire inspectors are the professionals who come to prevent these wildfires. They provide rescue and put a halt to the destructive forces of nature.

Forest fire inspectors undoubtedly get the reputed level of employment and pay in the risky areas. If you want an adventurous and planet-saving career, this is the one for you. You must hold a high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree in fire science to enter this field.

Speech-language pathologists – Also known as speech therapists, speech-language pathologists are the medical experts who aid people if they have speech/language difficulties. Most of their patients include the ones with cleft palates, autism, or Parkinson’s disease. These professionals evaluate and diagnose the communication difficulties and hence form the individual treatment plans.

Moreover, they also coordinate with the guardians/parents to make them understand how they can communicate with the kids. It is imperative to earn an undergraduate degree in communication sciences and disorders, complete a post-graduate fellowship and take a national exam in speech-language pathology. After that, you can apply for a state license as a speech-language pathologist.

To sum it up all

Believe it or not, people will face a hard time making a happening career in the coming years. So, it is best to prepare yourself for all the upcoming challenges and do all the hard work to get a successful career. And if you are looking for some great choices, the list mentioned above is enough to provide you with all the answers. So, start working toward these rewarding career options.

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