Mistakes You Are Making in Marketing Your Franchise

Here’s spine-chilling thought: What if customers in the market are oblivious of your franchise? For sure, your customers would have heard the name of your franchise’s brand. That’s the greatest benefit of working as a franchisee. But, what if your targeted customers don’t know that you exist in their neighbourhood and are open for business? This is where marketing presses into service. Effective marketing is necessary for widening your market share. Also, it can help you establish a thriving franchise business. Either take help from your franchisor or flex your own mind to generate profit yielding marketing ideas. Additionally, you can seek help from professionals as well for doing effective marketing. If you want to earn stupendous profits, then it is imperative to do marketing of your products and services.

You might know that success in business completely rests on the ability to establish good relations with your customers that results in high sales. Franchise marketing focuses on reaching customers and proliferating business. If you are running an education franchise, then marketing can work wonders for you. Just be sure you are not making some mistakes that can cost you your success. So, if you have plans to start a franchise business, make sure you have some creative marketing ideas as well. Also, you need to avoid some lethal mistakes that are mentioned below in this article.

Here is a list of fatal mistakes that you can making while marketing your franchise:

This is not certain that you will make all the given mistakes. However, it is essential to have a look at some common mistakes that every franchisee generally makes. This way you can save yourself from making such mistakes and work for the betterment of your franchise. So, kindly read the following points meticulously.

  1. Inconsistent branding

Inconsistent branding is a noxious marketing mistake that creates an uneven personality of your business in the eyes of customers. Also, it’ll get harder to gain trust of your customers. When a business offers the same quality of services from one touchpoint to the next, your customers can feel a strong friendship with you. Being a franchise owner, you need to maintain the brand consistency. Almost 95% of customers expect the same kind of services across all channels of interactions. So, make sure that you will give the best quality of products and services to your customers.

  1. You’re not transparent enough

Note that your customers are hungry for information. They need true and concrete information- never exaggerate. If you will not provide them the information they need, they can check the reviews of your products and services. Also, they can connect with your current customers to know the quality of products and services you offer them. Therefore, they’ll dig up a lot of information and can draw some wrong conclusions. Thus, it is better to provide them exactly what they are searching for. Moreover, try to be honest with your customers. This is how you can easily establish a positive brand image.

  1. Paying no heed to customer feedback

Every business asks their customers for feedback on the products and services they provide. Pay heed to what your customers are trying to tell you. If they are not happy with your products/ services, it’s the high time to make improvements. Don’t forget, customers are the king of the market and you can’t afford to annoy them. So, read every feedback they are giving you. Moreover, keep a close check on the business operations. This is how you can easily know where you are lacking and how to make improvements.

  1. Ineffective online presence

In today’s world, customers search for products and services on google. Therefore, it is important to have a well designed website and presence on social media. You need to make pages of your business on social media platforms like facebook, instagram and twitter. There’s not a single person who doesn’t scroll social media. So, make sure you are actively present on every social media platform. This way you can easily interact with your customers and you can get to know what’s going on in their mind. Also, it can aid in widening the reach of your franchise business.

  1. You’re not doing enough

You need to put in arduous efforts to do effective marketing. Sometimes franchisees become careless and don’t pay attention to what’s lacking in their business. Note that even a little carelessness can drag you out of the market. So, if you want to reach the heights of success, it is mandatory to use some creative ways for doing marketing. This is the only way through which you can easily make a good impression in front of your customers. There are high chances that you may need to burn midnight oil to do effective marketing.

  1. Not making a local marketing plan

No doubt, overall brand marketing strategy is fruitful. But, you need to make sure there is an effective plan for your local area as well. Your local customers need to be aware that your franchise exists. Also, you need to make efforts to capture the attention of your customers and persuade them to buy your products and services. You can seek help from your franchisor to create a rewarding local marketing plan. Moreover, don’t forget to make an online presence of your franchise unit. Also, you can hire SEO professionals to rank your website on google.

So, which kind of franchise are you running? Is it a coaching franchise? If yes, then make best efforts to do marketing and attract a throng of customers. This way you can easily touch the crest of the wave.


There you have it- some of the worst mistakes that can collapse your franchise business. Well, the truth is proper marketing is the only way to establish a successful franchise. So, try to use some strategic ways for marketing of your products and services.

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