Notable Qualities In A Good Teacher

Good teachers:

Always find a way and the words to use when explaining things and concepts to the learner. Do you find yourself happy when explaining to someone how something – a gadget, a machine or natural phenomenon works? Do you like explaining to people how something happened? One important quality in all teachers is finding comfort when explaining different content to learners of different subjects and study levels.

Are able to keep calm in many circumstances. As a teacher, there are many times when you will feel like shouting or screaming at students, fellow teachers, the learner’s parents, school administrators and other people you encounter often. An important quality in a teacher is the ability to fight back the compulsion to scream during those moments that seem full of frustrations.

Have a good sense of humor. Past research and literature in the teaching profession has shown that a good teacher should not only possess a good sense of humor but also should have the ability to combine humor with their teaching procedures. This is because appropriate humor provides a remarkable and warm connection between teachers and learners.

Tend to like people. Good teachers have a habit of liking people, more so, students within the range of age they want to tutor. A large number of teachers select their specialization area such as elementary education, secondary/higher education and special education based on the temperament they have towards learners in various age ranges. For instance, it is not a good idea for anyone who lacks patience and comfort teaching young learners to major in elementary education!!

Are fundamentally non-discriminatory. Good teachers can evaluate the performance and dedication of a learner based on factual indicators like test results and quizzes, rather than on personal qualities like skin color and place of origin.

Have a practical approach to doing things. It may seem like a cliché to describe a person as being “practical and having common sense” but good teachers are able to quickly evaluate a situation and make the correct decision.

There are plenty of circumstances where common sense and being practical is important in a teacher’s day to day duties. They include classroom management, management of students during field lessons, changing of instructional procedures, giving detentions, intern supervision and formulation and management of general school policy; there is an endless need for a practical approach of doing things in the teaching profession.

Have a good understanding of the content they teach. For instance, primary teachers need to have an in-depth knowledge on a wide range of content to ensure they meaningfully impart information to their learners. On the other hand, secondary school teachers need to have a good understanding of one or more particular content such as biology. Mathematics or chemistry.

Set high goals for their learners and hold the learners to account for the achievement of those goals. Anyone wishing to become a teacher should be ready to set high goals and expectations for themselves and their students and, also demand that the students and themselves as teachers commit to achieve those goals with excellence.

Have an eye for detail. The teaching profession is almost always difficult and bumpy for anyone who lacks organization and discipline at a personal level. Any successful teacher must show keenness and great organizational skills when teaching or dealing with the group dynamics of the learners in one way or another. The teaching profession is a bad choice of profession for anyone who is not organized or lacks the ability to focus on the details.

Are good at time management. Like most professions such as finance, time is a valuable resource for the teacher. For this reason, teachers must learn how to maximize use of this limited resource for maximum impact from their professional practice.

Are able to be leaders or followers depending on what the situation at hand demands. In most times, the teacher has to play other roles besides being a teacher, such as being a member of committees, groups, councils, and task forces. For the overall wellbeing of the professional, it is important for a teacher to have the required personality to serve in various capacities.

In some instances, the teacher will need to take up leadership responsibilities while in other circumstances the teacher will simply need to follow work policy and directives. All in all, ensure you are able to serve and lead because, as a teacher and from time to time, you will be needed to work in such roles.

Do not take anything for granted or make assumptions. The ability to appreciate situations is required from choosing the ideal college or school of education to filing papers when seeking professional certification. There is constant need to have good habits to bring all tasks to their logical completion; the need is greatly amplified in the course of the teacher’s education and training program.

You will be required to read the catalog well, master the rules, and remain mindful of the deadlines and all other requirements. In simpler explanation, one does not become a teacher merely through acquisition of a degree and the requisite professional certifications. Rather one must learn to teach the way they learned how to drive – by driving. You will learn a lot during the teaching practice by making mistakes, learning again and gradually improving one level at a time. A teacher’s education program seeks to get the teacher ready and open to learning how to teach using methods backed by tradition, experience and research studies.

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