Often Wondering Where Your Stuff Went? Tracking Solutions On Your Device

Running a business, no matter the size will make keeping every aspect of it relatively difficult. You may have noticed that you started losing some of your assets and you have no idea where they went. Technology came to the rescue by offering various tracking software to meet different needs. No matter the industry and the size of your business, there are various tracking programs that will trace the whereabouts of your assets in live time and all can be done from your device. We gathered a list of some tracking solutions that may be beneficial for you and your business.

Tool and Equipment Tracking

A tracking solution for tools and equipment can save businesses thousands of dollars in waste per year. Further, fixed assets, consumables, and tools are assigned to various employees across different job sites which can be a nightmare to track manually. A tracking solution will track and locate every tool you have, it will have a schedule of the check-in and out of the tool or equipment, track maintenance and repairs schedule, and other features that will give you peace of mind and save you money in the long run.

School Assets Tracking

Schools nowadays are equipped with all supplies that a student may need, and they equip teachers with the necessary tools to deliver their lessons. Keeping track of all these assets and more can be an intimidating process, but with the help of tracking software, asset tracking can be done easily. Tracking laptops, office chairs, printers, projectors, and other assets are not the only feature software can offer, tracking school’s assets also include tracking their condition, previous locations, place or person it is assigned to, and the total time of use. Tracking solutions will help in proving compliance with state mandates, giving insight into asset usage and value, and controlling the spending budget.

Fleet Tracking

When your business owns a fleet of vehicles to distribute products, it becomes a challenge to keep track of every car and the exact time it took to deliver the products. In the past, there was a GPS tracking system, though it was primarily managed from a computer. Nowadays, you can find tracking software that you can conveniently manage through your device. Besides tracking the vehicle’s location, the software also tracks employee activities, unauthorized breaks or stops, speed control, and route optimization. The tracking solution will not only save you money and give you better control over your vehicles but will also ensure that you are offering better customer service by delivering products in time. Additionally, insurance companies, in most cases, offer discounts on their premium when you use a tracking solution for your fleet.


Technology is offering new ways for businesses to track their assets and employees to guarantee safety and efficiency while limiting the loss of assets by negligence or theft. In the past, you had to be at the office in order to track the business assets efficiently, but nowadays you can do the same tasks and more from your device.

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