Record Online Classes on PC with iTop Screen Recorder

Online classes sees a trend of popularity, which becomes prominent in the self-quaranteed period. Statistics show that, over 1.2 billion students & teachers in more than 180 countries were banned from shool for the best of their well-beings. The compulsory orderbrews a new tendency of online learning, which bring continuous impact on the education system superficially and profoundly.The major online study platforms are seeing an age-new growth – Udemy, Skillshare, etc., give students and teachers free tunnels to their resources, offsetting the quarantee’s influence on their study.

Online courses are streaming videos, which cannot be replayed or edited. Today, a free screen recorder is introduced to you to address ‘how to clip on PC’ and make offline videos for reviewing. Let’s dive in!

Prepare Before Recording

Preparation before recording online courses is crucial. For achieving a smooth recording, there are some preparations you need to care about. But if you are not so particular about your clips, you can jump to the second part instantly.

To make your clips better, Firstly, you are adviced to check if your local disc’s storage. You know, normally a crisp video will take up great space of your disc.

Secondly, make sure you don’t plug in any microphone or earphone, or you will not capture the system sound – the sound of your online courses.

Then, a versatile screen recorder is indispensable, you can use it to produce quality clips for online courses, edit them and also, use it to deal with the question: ‘how to record Zoom meeting without permission’.

How to Record Online Classes on PC – iTop Screen Recorder

iTop Screen Recorder is a versatile screen recording tool that proud of its feature-packed function and user-friendly interface. This screen recorder let users to record in unlimited time length, record any region of screen, output multip formats, and produce quality videos in 4k/60 FPS.

With all the advantages listed above, anyone can effortlessly capture any online lessons. Here is a simple tutorial for recording with iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1: Donwload iTop Screen Recorder.

Navigate to to see the product info and download this App.

Step 2:Select the region and start recording.

iTop Screen Recorder allows you to flexibly choose an region to record. You can select a current window, drag and draw to create an area, or just record in Full screen.

Once the region work is set up, you can simply hit the Red REC button to begin recording.

Step 3: Save and Replay.

Once the recording officially begins, the main interface will contract and become a floating bar. With which you can do things like ‘pause, stop, and contibue recording’. You can also use customized hotkeys to self-tailor these operations.

This is basically all the procedures you need to manage to record online classes on your PC. iTop Screen Recorder is definitely the best choice and please feel no hesitation to download it!

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