There is an acute shortage of skilled nurses in American Healthcare System, and the demand is increasing day by day. Therefore, getting into the nursing profession is a good idea for a young aspirant. One may do a certification program to be a vocational Nurse or move a step further and become a Registered Nurse (RN). Professional nurses may also want to opt for a Master’s Degree to further their career. You can find the best program for you online on sites such as #Nursing. Continue reading this article to determine if a Master’s degree in nursing is worth it in 2021.

More Responsibility: Registered Nurses who opt for a Master’s degree are aware of the responsibilities they have to take in once they complete their degree. The MSN degree holders have a job role somewhere between nurses and general physicians. Several States in the USA allow a Nurse Practitioner to diagnose a patient and prescribe medicines. Nurse Practitioners often have a specialization medical field. For example, some common specializations include neonatal care, pediatric care, and more.

Increase In Salary: If you have a master’s degree, you will receive a significant hike in salary; this should be an inspiring reason to get back to studying. Having a Master’s degree in nursing ensures a lucrative salary for a skilled nurse.

  • The average salary for an MSN holder is about $94,000 annually, whereas it is $84,000 for nurses with a bachelor’s degree. On top of that, the earning potential only increases as time goes by. According to PayScale, a licensed nurse with a master’s degree in anesthesiology can earn about $151,527.
  • In America, California is the state providing the highest paying nursing jobs. Therefore, be sure to look for a Southern California master’s degree in nursing and enroll in the said program.

Better Hours: Registered Nurses (RN) often need to do a twelve hours work shift. The intense work hours take a toll on the health of the nurses over a long period. But one with a Master’s degree may land a managerial post with a fixed eight hours workday.

Gain Respect: It is not about better hours or extra money; having a master’s degree gives you confidence about the work you do. When it comes to higher education, there is always a sense of personal fulfillment. You will find your co-workers come to you for medical-related advice since you have gained specialized knowledge. A Master’s degree often allows the participants to research a selected topic. The students write a thesis that gives them in-depth knowledge about different medical areas.

Become A Teacher: Universities involved in clinical nurse education welcome experienced Nurse Practitioners to teach young nurses. Nurses who choose this profession work in colleges and healthcare institutes, teaching nursing students. The Nurse Practitioners are responsible for producing skilled and trained nurses who work tirelessly to support the healthcare system. Those who do not want to become full-time teachers can always help mentor young nurses working in the hospital.

Continue Your Education: If learning new things excites and motivates you to become a better person, you shouldn’t stop just yet. You can move forward towards a doctorate, with better opportunities and advanced ranks in the future. You will be eligible for academic positions and careers in research.

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