Stay ahead from the rest and achieve academic success this year!

The start of a new year can be quite hectic. And if you are a part of those formative years just a step away from entering your college life, it can double your stress. However, unlike what many believe, you must not focus only on working hard. Academic success encompasses not only theoretical knowledge. Instead, it includes gaining subject knowledge and transforming them into productive skills.


In other words, all the activities that you take part in now will help you prepare for your university or college life later. Hence, you must fine-tune your approach by involving in tutoring, mentoring, and peer coaching to brush up your skills further.


So how could you ensure academic excellence? Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry! This article provides you with all the necessary answers to help you achieve academic success. Dive deep further and learn more about different elements to achieve your goals.


Do a SWOT analysis – SWOT analysis is commonly called strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For a student, it creates a clear picture of what he/she wants to achieve. It requires patience and time to do a SWOT analysis for yourself. So how to do it and give a kickstart to your journey? Let us take a look!


  • Identify what you want to achieve.


What are you working towards? In what time frame do you want to achieve that? For example – You are given a task to prepare a working model for a science project in a given set of time; how will you go about it? Set one goal at a time and work towards that whole-heartedly.


  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?


After defining the goals, make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. For example – in the above-mentioned example, if you are not good at making a model, you can prepare a presentation of it. You can assign the model to your teammate.


Or, if you are not sure what you are good at, you can always take the help of your mentors and friends.


  • Opportunities are waiting for you.


You have listed down the strengths and weaknesses. Still, you might face obstacles. How to deal with it? If you want a positive change, start looking at these obstacles as opportunities. Design “If-then” plans to be more resilient. For instance – If I can’t give a good presentation, then I will work on my presentation skills.



Focus on getting knowledge – You are entering into a new academic year. Make sure you don’t focus on achieving the highest marks alone, rather emphasize on practicality and research work.  


An investment in knowledge pays the best interest- Benjamin Franklin.


Participate in extracurricular activities – Some people argue that co-curricular activities hold not much importance for the students. They always pressurize students to study, study and only study. But the fact is – these activities actually affect your academic performance in a positive way. It relieves your stress and enhances your cognitive function. Thus, contribute to boosting the scores.


There are umpteen studies that suggest a strong positive relationship between academic performance and these activities. It diversifies your hobbies and broadens your view. For instance, if you are fond of capturing the moments, then being in the photography club can give wings to your hobby.


Let us tell you an interesting fact here! If you are applying for higher education in US universities, then these activities are milestones for you. Because nearly 30% of your application is being formed by co-curricular activities.


The most important thing – Extracurricular activities give you a much-needed break from the studies. So get ready to discover and explore yourself.


Don’t miss out on the fun – To be honest, making friends is not easy. But we have got a solution for you! With the help of co-curricular activities, you can make things happen. By participating in activities, you are being given the opportunity to widen your group. This acts as a plus point whenever you go job hunting. According to, sometimes these friendships last for a lifetime and produce unexpected outcomes.


With little steps, you can build friendships for a long time. What can be these steps? Be a good listener, smile, appreciate others, etc. These are the things that will help you in making and strengthening your friendships.


Learn time management – Managing time in your school might seem quite difficult. But once you start learning to manage it, you will witness academic excellence. This will further lead to enhancing your productivity.


Are you already feeling stressed out due to less time to manage your things? So how to manage it? You can take help from the following steps!


  • Keep a calendar with you always. Record the information like upcoming exams, rehearsals, projects etc.


  • Divide these tasks into smaller parts.


  • Use reminders whenever needed.


  • Get a good night’s sleep to recharge yourself up.


Proper time management will give you remarkable results that you might be unaware of.


Don’t give up – Do you believe in your capabilities? Believing in yourself and having strong self-confidence play a vital role in success. These factors push you to perform beyond your limits. You have a multitude of examples of world-renowned leaders who did not have favourable circumstances, but their confidence helped them to fight with the situations.


So, always keep a “never give up” attitude. With this, you can achieve anything that you want to. You can reach sky-high in your life.


To sum it all up


Believe it or not, high school years are often busy and stressful for students. But with the proper management, you cannot only achieve academic excellence, instead develop your personality as a whole. No wonder that each and every student wants to grow.


You should develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.- Anthony J. D’Angelo


So, accomplish your goals and aspirations by using every trick and hacks as an opportunity to succeed in your endeavours. Just remember you need to put in efforts for the results to be favourable.


Are you all set for a great academic year?

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