Steps to Complete Your CTEC 20-Hour Renewal Course

Each year, qualified Tax Preparers are required to take a mandated 20-hour renewal course to still charge for their activities as Tax Preparer. This CTEC continuing education course will refresh your memory and provide you with tax updates.

The 20-Hour Renewal Course covers:

Beginning Your Course

Before you begin your course, there are several things you should be aware of. The course has to be completed before October 31st so that CTEC does not cancel your Tax Preparer Certification. Many courses available today provide notes electronically for students that go along with the CTEC lessons.

If students plan to acquire physical material, they should do so before beginning the CTEC continuing education course. There also may be group discounts or early registration discounts offered, which students should be aware of before they enroll in the course.

During the Course

Many courses begin at set times, so students should not miss these scheduled classes as they can be deducted from their course completion.

There are also online courses available for students who prefer flexible classes to cater to their schedules. With these classes, students have the liberty to complete their hours due to their time constraints.

If your course provides notes, it is important to revise these after each lesson. This is important, especially with Tax Law Updates over the previous years. The constant revision will make your future tax preparation activities more efficient and quicker.

Many courses allow students to access material and content even after completing the CTEC continuing education program, which is good if you want to jog your memory or take a refresher on some information you may have missed previously.

The Ethics component in this course will also guide you through avoiding penalties for you and your firm. It will advise you on maintaining your license, which is crucial if you want to receive compensation for your tax work activities.

Continuing Steps

After you finish the course, many education providers will automatically report your completion to CTEC and/or IRS within 24 hours. Both CTEC and IRS have approved education providers that offer CTEC continuing education, making it easier when you need to choose where to take your course from.

Students can also take unlimited exams and mock tests with many Education Providers, which helps indicate how much knowledge they’ve retained throughout the course.

Begin Your Annual Course Today

If you plan to get the refresher course for CTEC and also avail credits for the IRS AFSP CE, the CTEC 20-hour renewal course will achieve that for you. In addition to that, you will also gain the continued opportunity to charge fees for your tax work.

Become an expert on Federal Tax Law and California Tax Law through this renewal course to allow you to avail yourself of more experience and added certification. It will boost your career by leading it in the right direction while keeping you compliant with state and federal laws.

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