Teach in Heaven: Hangzhou or Suzhou

Getting an opportunity to teach in China is one of the most rewarding experiences that will enable you to appreciate the unique attractions, landscapes and rich cultural heritage in China. When foreign teachers move to teach in China, they often choose a city or location where they feel more comfortable. Hangzhou and Suzhou are amazing cities in China with plenty of teaching opportunities and great destinations for teaching. These cities are home to some of the most prestigious schools in China that offer numerous benefits to teachers teaching in the institutions. Some benefits include high salaries, the opportunity to interact with different cultures, social security and health insurance benefits.

Teach in Hangzhou

Hangzhou is one of the most beautiful cities in China, home to beautiful sceneries and natural attractions. One of Hangzhou’s most popular spectacular spots is West Lake, which attracts millions of tourists worldwide. This city is popularly known for the most critical tea production areas at Longjing tea. Expats teaching in Hangzhou have plenty of places to visit and explore breathtaking attractions. Below are some of the benefits of teaching in Hangzhou.

  • Low cost of living

Foreign teachers teaching in Hangzhou have the opportunity to save a lot of money while having a comfortable and decent lifestyle. Plenty of reputable schools in Hangzhou offer a decent quality of life to attract the best teachers to teach English in their schools.

  • Plenty of places to visit

There is an extensive range of places to visit in Hangzhou. Teaching English in Hangzhou will allow you to experience unforgettable adventures, including the West Lake, Xitang Water Town, Xixi Wetland Park, Qinghefang Pedestrian Street, and Lingyin Temple. Living in Hangzhou will allow you to visit and tour the neighbouring cities in Hangzhou.

Teach in Suzhou

Teaching in Suzhou is exciting and rewarding. Moving away from your home country might seem challenging; however, it’s one of the best decisions you will make in your career. Teaching in Suzhou is enriching since you will have the opportunity to teach in prestigious schools and interact with people from diverse cultures. Below are some of the benefits of teaching in Suzhou.

  • Numerous opportunities

There are plenty of teaching opportunities in Suzhou and a vast market for ESL teachers in the city. Private schools, training centres and public schools offer lots of opportunities and hire many teachers yearly. Due to the high demand for teachers, companies and schools are consistently looking for experienced and professional teachers to fill the vacancies.

  • Flexible teaching schedule 

Teaching in Suzhou allows you to have an outstanding balance between work and leisure. Most institutions and training centres offer flexible work schedules to allow their teachers to explore their hobbies and perform other activities. Numerous nationals and public holidays in China will grant you flexibility and sufficient time to explore and discover the different places in Suzhou while enjoying your stay in the city.

  • Low cost of living

The overall cost of living in Suzhou is cheap due to the free or reduced cost of accommodations and meals. An efficient transport system, low-cost food and subsidized housing will enable you to save a lot of funds while teaching in Suzhou. You will comfortably meet your basic needs, save and attain high living standards.

Hangzhou and Suzhou are incredible places that provide excellent opportunities for foreign teachers who enjoy teaching Chinese and international students. The cities have a lot to offer in terms of tourism, low cost of living, culture, gaining international experience and advancing your teaching career. Teaching in Hangzhou and Suzhou is an enriching experience since you will be able to impact the learners’ knowledge and skills while enjoying the cities’ incredible attractions.

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