The Evolution of a Career through Education and Passion – Deanna Deveney

Deanna Deveney began her career as a young woman at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, where she worked for the late Sheriff James DiPaola. What started off as her first Summer job at their Youth Public Safety Academy transitioned into an office position where she ultimately began developing her passion. She worked in Human Resources, the Civil Process Division of the department, and took on as many learning opportunities as possible. Working within the Criminal Justice system increased her interest in studying Criminal Justice at Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts. While at Curry College, Deveney was the President of the Pre-Law club, graduating Magna Cum Laude. Throughout her tenure at Curry, she maintained a high GPA while continuing to work at the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office.

After graduating, Deveney enrolled in the Massachusetts School of Law in an effort to earn her Juris Doctor degree. While attending the Massachusetts School of Law, she founded the MSL Veteran’s Association alongside her colleague to raise awareness of Veterans attending law school and their needs. After recognizing that there was no American flag at the school, Deveney quickly sprang into action, raising money through t-shirt sales and bake sales to raise enough money to erect a flagpole in front of the institution.

Deanna’s passion for helping others continued when she spent the Summer of her 2nd year of Law School as a 3:03 Certified Law student leading trials and motions as a part of the Middlesex County District Attorney’s 3:03 Summer Intern program at Woburn, Massachusetts District Court. Deanna graduated from Law School in May of 2014 and went on to take the Massachusetts Bar exam in July of 2014. Deveney was sworn into the Massachusetts Bar as an attorney in November 2014.

Deanna Deveney’s legal career began at the Middlesex District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney. As her career transformed, she worked towards prevention, communications, and public relations rather than prosecution. Middlesex County is derived from 54 cities and towns, and Deveney visited each of them while she worked alongside the District Attorney. Her main focus was on preventing domestic violence, elder abuse, and, most notably, the opioid epidemic.

Her work in Communications and Public Relations led to Deveney’s next roles as the Director of Communications and Government Relations for both the City of Medford, Massachusetts, and the City of Everett, Massachusetts, where she led the public relations, communications, and government relations strategies for each community.  In Medford, she worked under the leadership of Mayor Stephanie Burke and led all internal and external communications for the City while being the main contact for all elected officials.  In 2020 Deveney accepted a job working under the leadership of longtime Mayor Carlo DeMaria. Within months, she created a tactical multi-lingual communications strategy for a majority-minority community in response to the COVID19 pandemic. Throughout her tenure in Everett, Deveney led the ECTV and Communications team. She stood as a Senior Advisor to the Mayor and the main point of contact for all government relations, public relations, media relations, and community affairs in the City.

According to Deanna Deveney, what began as a pursuit to become an attorney has morphed into a career of passion and joy. She looks forward to the future and is hopeful to continue making a difference.

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