Student Tracking Policy by University of Missouri – The Role of Tracking Apps in Academia

The success of an educational institution is not just on the competence of its faculty and the value of the information imparted. A further important factor is the capacity to analyze students’ academic progress constantly and to change the curriculum as quickly as possible. The ability to track students’ progress plays an essential part for both professors and students.

If students can see their progress, they can see how their actions are linked to more important goals. On the other hand, teachers will be able to assess their effectiveness by looking at the trends in data of their students. When implemented powerful tracking software for student data, educational institutions can discover the strengths and weaknesses of the software for learning.

Student Tracking Policy by University of Missouri:

The University of Missouri introduced a new policy that allows the university to trace locations of students to keep track of their attendance. Starting today, every new student is required to download a location tracker app on their smartphones.

Does this new system result in positive changes and better the involvement of students? If so, then which privacy concerns are increasing? Is this new system thought of as intrusive?

The administration at the school says this new method was created “for students’ betterment.” As they believe that improved attendance will have an impact on the school’s grades. While this may sound like a good idea, cybersecurity experts are concerned that the system may be too intrusive. The main reason for this is that the tracking app could continue to track students even after school hours.

This is the situation in a few Chinese schools. In these schools, students wear smart uniforms that track their pupils wherever they go. But, then, Rick Carter clarified that the tracking application is only available in classrooms only. It makes use of the Apple iBeacons technology to transmit Bluetooth signals to determine if students are present. However, for schools who want to place their students under greater scrutiny, it is possible to make this option to choose.

Are Universities Tracking Students for betterment?

Colleges and universities claim that they monitor students to ensure their safety. Students’ privacy researcher does not believe in these claims. They say that schools keep track of students as it is in their needs. They are able to share how students’ attendance rates were improved to enhance their performance. But with limited tracking, universities can not only protect students from bullying but also bring betterment in studies.

Cell Phone Usage among Teens:

Have you ever heard that the typical amount of time that an American teenager spends staring at the display of their mobile phone is eight hours?

For a better understanding, it’s the same amount of time an average adult is working. I don’t believe we have to convince anyone that spending 8 hours a day with a cellphone is too much. This usage doesn’t limit to the home, but kids also use phones during school.

The practice of bullying has also increased in both frequency and intensity with the advent of personal mobile phones and their network capabilities. It’s much simpler for people to spew out obscenities, insults, or angry remarks.

A study revealed that more than 60% of teenagers across the US had faced physical or online harassment. Nearly 15% of them claimed that the harassment was severe within their educational institutes. The more addicted a teenager is to their smartphone, the more likely they will be to be included in online bullying. Either they’ll be the target of perverts or fall into destructive addictions.

Risks of Excessive Mobile Usage:

Excess of anything is wrong, and prevention is mandatory when it comes to mobile phones and social media. Teenagers are at a higher risk of cybercrimes because of spending a lot of time online. Parents should have complete information about these risks to be able to fight any problems in daily life.

·         Affect Academic Performance:

Many kids carry their phones on their school trips; chatting with their friends or playing games during breaks in school or even in class. The result is that children fail to concentrate in class, avoid essential lessons, and become ignorant of their subjects and exams.

·         Targeted by Cyberbullies:

Cybercrimes are rising among teenagers, and parents should take this issue more seriously. Kids are getting threats online from strangers, and their private information is being misused on the internet. From school to home, kids use social media and talk to strangers, unaware of the results.

·         Sleep Deprivation:

Children can be up all night having conversations with friends, playing games, or browsing social media. This, over time, causes anxiety and fatigue. It can also impact academic life since children are tired and unable to focus on the lessons they are taught at school. This creates an effect of domino that continues throughout their life.

Which Tracker is Best for Tracking in Academia?

TheWiSpy is the best location tracking application that can be utilized in tracking students. It’s a mobile phone tracker that can easily be installed on the phone. In addition, the simple user interface makes it easier to locate students throughout the day.

TheWiSpy Features:

You will get unlimited features of TheWiSpy that will help you in tracking. Your mind will be blown to know how one app can offer versatile functions. The following features are the highlight of TheWiSpy:

·         Call log tracking
·         SMS tracking
·         Location tracking
·         Geofencing
·         Keylogger
·         Microphone surround recording
·         Camera tracking
·         Call recording
·         Multimedia tracking
·         App blocking
·         Web browser history control

You can monitor message history, call logs, location, set geofence boundaries, and more. You’ll have complete control of the mobile devices remotely with the help of advanced technology. In addition, you can block hate comments and sexual predators through the user dashboard of the application.


Educational institutes are offering advanced education where students can learn from electronic devices apart from books or notes. Today’s generation is comfortable with technology that alerts universities and schools more to encourage the usage of tracking apps. That’s because students are spending more time on social media than learning. The tracking apps like TheWiSpy can help universities to control online bullying and track students’ performance.

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