You must be wondering why your kids spend so much time with their electronic devices and so little time with their books. Why don’t they spend enough time exploring the world of great writers and enchanting literature? The answer is quite simple; the kids of this generation are not given a chance to experience the magic that a truly great book can create. They do not even pay enough attention to their school curriculum, let alone reading for fun. The situation is dire, and the consequences will be fatal if the parents do not step up their parenting skills and make sure their children are getting the best education they deserve and require to be successful in life.

Remove Distractions: As a parent, the best thing you can do is to eliminate distractions from your kid’s world. The amount of daily diversions they face is no joking matter. When you were kids, big corporations such as Facebook and Instagram were not fighting to get your attention every single minute, but unfortunately, that is the present scenario.

  • Limit screen-time for your child. There are software and applications that monitor app-times and shuts down the applications after a period automatically. These smart apps are great to limit the distractions for children without having to deprive them completely of the social media experience.
  • Reduce the use of gadgets in the house, and the kids will follow what you do. Be the example for them to follow, so that they know it is alright to put the phone down for a couple of hours, especially while studying.
  • Do not play loud music or TV while the kids are playing in the other room. Make a filling snack for them, so that they do not have the chance to get up several times while studying.

Study Techniques: Study Techniques: As time advances, so does the study method. Just reading the book from page-to-page won’t do. Your kids need to stay up to date with the process of learning to beat the competition. You can hire a tuition agency or purchase different reference books for them so that they have access to vast knowledge on a similar subject.

  • A student must read a single passage quite a few times, to fully comprehend the meaning of the text. This effective close reading technique helps a student to grasp the more complex aspects of the text better. Subjects such as science and mathematics demand one’s undivided attention, as reading them half-heartedly will not do.
  • Ask your child to create block-time for specific subject reading. Design blocks of 45 minutes each, and during that time, you will focus on only one subject at hand. This method will help the student to concentrate better on the subject and produce a sense of routine.

Encourage your child to exercise daily, as scientific data clearly show the positive effects of exercising. Several journals have suggested that daily meditation leads to better grades. Let your children spend time outside, playing with friends to freshen up the body and the mind. As a parent, you must stay heavily invested in your children’s education so that you may provide them with better opportunities to grow and achieve more academically.

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