What Should International Students Know About Rental Accommodations Near the University of Queensland?

Queensland University is a top destination for global students and one of the most sought after institutes in Australia and abroad. International students have several options to stay here, especially in and around Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.

However, since the on-campus accommodations are always in heavy demand, many students have to look for off-campus rental accommodations. Here are some things that international students should consider while looking for rental accommodations near Queensland University. You can also click here to know more.

  1. Arranging for Accommodations Before Arriving 

Once you have secured admission at the Queensland University, you should immediately start looking for accommodation and finalise one even before you arrive. You can look up the institute’s website for information on on-campus accommodation and rentals near the University.

Go through the rental information on notice boards based on location preference, budget, number of flatmates and book the room immediately to avoid the last-minute rush. After arrival, if you wait until there are chances, you might not get any rooms.


  1. Best Places To Stay Around Queensland University

Queensland University has several campuses spread across the state. Depending on which stream of study you have chosen, you could be placed either in the main campus of St.Lucia, or you could be allocated a campus in greater Brisbane or Gatton.

Then there is the Great Court Campus and the campus on Herston which houses the medical school. There is another regional campus on Ipswich and research centres at Queen Street in Brisbane, Heron Island and Moreton Bay, and other satellite teaching centres. Where you study will have a significant impact on how you look for rental accommodations.


  1. Are There Good Transport Facilities Around Queensland University?

The rental accommodations immediately close to the campuses can be expensive. However, even if you choose accommodations a little further away from the campus, you won’t have any difficulty reaching your classes on time, thanks to the campuses’ excellent connectivity. There is a ferry wharf service from the University itself, along with two bus services from TransLink.

They connect almost all of the suburbs in West Brisbane. The UQ Lakes bus station does that for the suburbs on the East. Cyclists and walkers can easily cross the Brisbane Bridge and reach Dutton Park. There are three railway stations in the vicinity as well at Toowong, Lark Road and Dutton.


  1. How Much Will Living Around Queensland University Cost?

A single student can expect to pay around $480 and $1760 per month for off-campus rental accommodation, depending on the location and utilities available. If you are shifting with a spouse, it can cost about $2160 per month for a small apartment.


You are sure to have some great experiences and excellent quality of life in Brisbane while studying at Queensland University. The cosmopolitan city has a laid back atmosphere, golden beaches and great weather. There are several student-friendly amenities as it is a University town.  By arranging for accommodation before your arrival, you will ensure a safe and content life during your stay here.

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