What To Do If You Misplace Your High School Diploma?

Your high school diploma is one of the crucial documents you’ll need to get college admission. It is also required for finding jobs or better career opportunities throughout your life. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a high school diploma earn an average of $192 more per week than those who didn’t complete high school or have a diploma.

However, it is easy and very common for people to misplace or lose their documents. It often happens when you are moving to a new house or city. Even so, not finding the document in the time of need causes stress and confusion.

But, you need not worry! Continue reading this article to learn what steps you can take after misplacing your diploma.

  • Search Your House Thoroughly

First things first, try to keep calm as panicking in such a situation does not do any good. It is because the lost or misplaced items or objects are often near you, but panic makes it challenging to pay attention to them. Once you are relaxed, search your house or the places you recently visited, such as a cafe or a friend’s house. You can also ask your family to help you find the document.

  • Look For Alternative

If you didn’t find the document in your house and need it on an immediate basis, try looking for an alternative. Let’s say you have a job interview in a week and you need your diploma before that. In such a scenario, you can consider the option to buy diploma of your school. All you need to do is provide the details of your school and graduation. The service provider will create a copy of your diploma as well as transcripts.

This is also a great idea if your document is damaged or you moved out of the state or city you graduated from.

  • Contact The School

You can also contact the school regarding misplaced documents and ask them for their copy and transcript. Understand that each school district has different policies and requirements for releasing a copy of your documents.

Nonetheless, some general requirements include mailing a written request for a copy with your name, address, signature, graduation date, and social security number. You might as well have to pay a fee for getting the copy.

The school will scrutinize your details and mail the copy to your given address. But, all this process might take a few days or even weeks.

  • Contact District Office

If your school is closed or you are not able to contact them for any reason, you should contact the district office. Ask the district office about your school records and procedure to get a copy. They might charge you a fee for the service.

In case you don’t know about the district office, you can contact your batchmates or get information from your state department of education.

The Bottom Line,

Although misplacing any document is a matter of huge concern, you can always look for another copy. Also, keep your crucial documents well organized to save yourself from unnecessary trouble.

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