What you need to know about Governess services Dubai, UAE?

Local and international families in UAE and Middle East can be ensured that they are fully supported throughout their child’s developmental years with Royal Teacher’s exclusive governess services. All their governesses in Dubai, UAE are university graduates with teaching qualifications, experiences working in schools as well as private families. Together they design holistic individualized learning programs to support and extend your child. They look at areas for development emotionally, socially and academically and equip your children with skills to increase self-confidence and prepare them for a world they know they can succeed in, as strong confident, resilient and self-reliant young adults.

As educators, Royal Teaching’s governesses in Dubai, UAE help you to create healthy ecosystems at home where your children can thrive by:

  1. playing a proactive role in planning all activities and establishing effective daily routines for your child
  2. managing your child’s academic journey by monitoring progress and liaising with the school. Your governess will equip your child with the skills to become a motivated, self-directed learner by teaching and coaching them how to work independently, think problems through clearly, suggest solutions, and assume accountability for their own results
  3. devising fun and creative extracurricular activity programs appealing to the children’s specific interests and hobbies as well as exploring new challenges and discovering other gifts/ talents. This helps them push their own personal boundaries and develop self- discipline, independence and self- confidence.
  4. teaching your child how to develop a growth mindset where they learn that “their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.” ( Dweck, 2015)


Are you still in doubt about hiring a governess? Contact Royal Teaching for governess services today and clear away all your doubts. Their team is here to listen to any concerns that you might have.

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