Writing an excellent social media essay

Today, information is all over on the internet.  The social media has provided a very reliable platform for delivering information. Better even, it is able to lay a medium for us to socialize, communicate and share information.  It has, therefore, become very popular among people and is hence a good way of passing any information.

A social media essay could be persuasive or argumentative. There is plenty of information concerning the social media but coming up with a creative social media essay may not be easy. You can try to order custom essay, but with the following tips, you can effectively write it by yourself.

Create an Outline

This acts as the guide while writing your article. It gives you the chance to state the major points you wish to discuss in your essay an arranged them in order. It should have a heading, a thesis statement, subtopics and minor objectives.

The following sketch can be helpful

  • A topic: the effect of social media in the community
  • Thesis statement: despite social media taking over socialization and communication systems it has its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Advantages
    • Advantages to communication
    • Advantages to education
    • Economic advantages
  • Disadvantages
    • On-time management
    • Disadvantages to the mental well being
    • Its role in spread of propaganda
  • Conclusion within it, restate the thesis statement and the support points

Writing an Introduction to a Social Media Essay

This acts a roadmap and determines whether the reader will read the entire article or not. It should catch and hold your audience attention. An introduction informs the reader of what your article has to offer

Writing the Body Paragraphs of a Social Media Essay

Here is where you explain your main points in paragraphs. Ensure your sections are well written and describe your facts clearly in a simple language. Each paragraph should have the following parts:

  1. A topic sentence
  2. Supporting sentences
  3. Transition phrases
  4. A concluding sentence

Writing a Conclusion

This helps the reader to fathom the relevance of the essay. In this section Soda pdf, you can state your personal understanding of the topic as you air your views on what you think people should do about the topic.

Below are Additional Tips on Writing an Essay about the Social Media

  1. Have a topic in mind. Ou may choose topics like, its importance, social media obsession, how it affects productivity at workplaces among others
  2. Use good literary skills
  3. Always employ relevant vocabularies
  4. Remember to proofread your final essay


Writing about social media is quite engaging and will require you to do a deep research on the topic. Be sure to explain your thoughts clearly while maintaining a good cohesion of your points. Always start by drawing a skeleton to act as your guide and keep filling it up with explanatory information. Close your essay writing like a professional academic writer by chipping in your thoughts about the context and giving relevant recommendations concerning the topic at hand.

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