How Does Online Assessment Platforms Affect the Education Industry

With accelerated improvements in technology, digital learning platforms play a significant role in the educational industry. Solutions for online assessment platforms provided by websites like have become an integral part of online courses and traditional face-to-face classes. So how do these online assessment platforms affect the educational industry? Revolutionizing the Learning Process for Disabled […]

Often Wondering Where Your Stuff Went? Tracking Solutions On Your Device

Running a business, no matter the size will make keeping every aspect of it relatively difficult. You may have noticed that you started losing some of your assets and you have no idea where they went. Technology came to the rescue by offering various tracking software to meet different needs. No matter the industry and […]

How to Easily Keep Track of Your Newborn’s Body Temperature

The normal temperature in children and babies is approximately 36.4C, although this can slightly vary. More so, a high temperature is usually deemed to be a temperature of 38C or above. Your baby may have a high temperature if they: feel sweaty, feel hotter than normal when you touch their back, stomach, or forehead, or […]