Employee Benefits Trends 2021 –The Best Recruitment Strategy

In the modern era, employee benefits and HR policies have been constantly upgraded to support the work and life environment that is best-suited for the employees. While employee benefits are associated with factors like leadership, work performance, and so more, there are several employee benefits that revolve around the concept of personal benefits as well. […]

Has the COVID pandemic revamped the future of higher education?

When the COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill in 2020, business and economic activity was not the only area to bear the brunt of this virus, with the education system suffering a terrible blow too. Schools across the globe shut down, with 1.2 billion children forced to move from classroom learning to e-learning. […]

How To Write A Student Resume Summaries: The Dos and Don’ts

More and more college students are joining the workforce each year. More than 43% of full-time undergraduate students were also working professionals in the US alone, according to data from 2017. Whether you want to work to help pay your tuition or to start collecting valuable experience, you’ll need a resume summary that can truly […]