9 Best Ways for Beginners to Learn Trading

Stock trading is the process of purchasing and selling shares in public companies. The stock market is highly profitable but at the same time very volatile! Without proper planning and strategy, you will end up losing money. You must also be knowledgeable and keep up with the stock market to make informed decisions. Trading might be a bit confusing for you if you are a novice, and this is why we have compiled a list of the best ways for beginners to learn trading.

Find a mentor

The stock market is extremely volatile and unpredictable, but an expert’s opinion will go a long way in helping you make the right decisions. The mentor you choose can be a friend, a relative, or a co-worker, provided they are well-versed in matters concerning stock trading. Your mentor should guide you, encourage you when you are low, and answer pertinent questions you may have. A mentor will also push you to be accountable and transparent. Stock trading is not an investment you can manage totally on your own, and you need the advice and perspective of other people.

Study great investors

Look into successful investors who have worked their way up the ranks to get to their level of accomplishment. Draw inspiration from them and take their advice since they have been in the game longer than you have. Though every person’s journey is different, filter out what information will be of use to you and stick with it. Successful investors provide a different perspective, which helps you look at stocks differently and select a more appropriate approach.

Open a stock broker account

An online broker is a useful asset if you want to dive into trading. Stock brokers will maintain your electronic securities as well as hold the funds you will use to trade. You are spoilt for choice as plenty of beginner-friendly brokers are easy to use, provide extensive educational resources, and have well-defined and affordable pricing structures.  You have the option of choosing whether you want a day trading, options trading, or ESG research broker account.

Practice using a simulator

As a beginner, you can always practice their skills before making a deposit. Using a good trading simulator provides you with a safe way of perfecting your skills without having to put your hard-earned money on the line. It is also a great way to learn concepts like the difference between stock value and cash value. Once you are ready to go, you can now place your first stock trade. Just avoid buying too many shares in the initial stages and resist the temptation of taking excessive risk. A huge loss at the onset of your trading career can be detrimental to your confidence.

Read widely

To be able to make huge profits, you must increase your knowledge base and learn the fundamentals of stock trading. Many people make the fatal mistake of diving headfirst into the stock market, assuming that trading is easy money. To earn money consistently on the stock market, you need to read books and articles that will help you know them and help you formulate the best strategies. A few examples of excellent books for beginners interested in learning trading include Security Analysis and The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. Apart from reading books, you can look into various websites such as Investopedia that provide articles on stock trading.

Listen to podcasts and audiobooks

If you are not a huge fan of reading or can’t find the time to open a book, consider tuning in to podcasts that provide education and discuss trends in the stock market. Podcasts and audiobooks are especially convenient for you if you are always working with your hands or are driving around.

Learn through paid subscriptions

Paying for online subscriptions can benefit you if you prefer to learn from experts before committing to buying shares. Be careful of scammers that promise you hefty returns if you sign up for their sites. More often than not, either the testimonials on their page are fake, or only a few individuals manage to make profits out of sheer luck. You don’t want to be wasting your precious money on scammers who won’t give you value for your money. We recommend subscription services such as Morningstar and Investors.com if you are interested in investing in paid subscriptions to learn more about trading.

Follow the stock market

News sites and stock quotes will expose you to the investing lingo, keep you up to speed with economic trends and provide you with third-party analysis. As a beginner, you should not be intimidated by new terminology, and you should try to soak in as much information as you can. Television stations such as CNBC can help you gain more knowledge on the stock market and help you make more informed choices. Be careful of distractions that will take your focus off of the learning process. It is advisable not to rely too much on recommendations from third parties if you want to learn about trading.

Be a passive investor

Warren Buffett is a popular investor who recommends buying shares and holding on to them until it is favorable for you to sell. By being a passive investor, you avoid beating the market trading stocks on their own. Holding shares over a long period attracts tax benefits and allows the power of compound returns to materialize. It is advisable for you to passively invest in the overall stock market. Passive investments allow you to rest easy knowing that you are not limited to one company, and they also eliminate the occurrence of second-guessing yourself.

Wrapping up

Investing is not a hobby, and you should give it careful thought and consideration. Do take your time and understand that you will make mistakes along the way. Pick up your pieces, learn from your mistakes, and don’t let a few wrong turns bring your confidence down. Be on the lookout for beginner-friendly stock trading sites before you can gain more skills and advance

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