Buying Guide For Longboards

Buying Guide For Longboards

Longboard Buyers Guide

What are the most useful types of longboards? That’s the question most riders ask themselves before buying a longboard. The answer to that problem is based on a number of factors. Each rider and riding style is changed, therefore there is no real right or wrong answer. Choosing the best longboard for beginners all depends on what type of traveling you will be doing, and how comfortable you will consider riding it. We created this guide to longboards to assist you to decide which board will be the right fit for you. Please look it over, and let us understand if you have any questions. We’ll start with the various styles of boards.

Buying Guide For Longboards
Buying Guide For Longboards

Drop Through Longboards

This style of board is by far the common. It features a deck that has spaces in the nose and tail, in order to drop the trucks through the floor. This allows the board to ride low and calm. Drop through (or sometimes related to as drop thru) are easy to ride, and perfect for many types of riding. Drop through longboards are great for beginner and intermediate riders. They are good for pushing, freeride, pushing, cruising, carving, and even downhill. Drop through boards appear in either stiff or flexy decks. The stiff decks are also stable, and better for speed. Below are any examples of a popular drop-in board.

Flexy drop through longboards are typically created of bamboo and fiberglass, and really flex when you ride them, similar to a snowboard. They are excellent for cruising, carving, and freeride. Flexy longboards normally have ranges of flex, based on the rider’s weight. These boards are good for average riders, they may be a little unstable for beginners. Below are a couple of examples of a modern flexy drop through boards, the Loaded Icarus longboard.

Topmount Longboards

Topmount longboards are a style of boards wherever the trucks are mounted directly to the bottom of the deck. They are not separated. By top mounting the trucks, it allows for more support, as well as being able to put your feet straight over the trucks and wheels. Topmount longboards are typically practiced for downhill and freeride styles of riding. There are several different shapes of top mounts, but here are some samples of popular ones, the Moonshine Outlaw Longboard, the Landyachtz Osteon Longboard, and this Loaded Tesseract Longboard.

Drop Down Longboards

Drop Down Longboards are specifically what they sound like, boards that dropdown. The foot platform is separated down, providing for the board to ride ultra-low to the ground, and abandoning it a very stable ride. Dropdown longboards are typically successful with newcomers to intermediate riders since they are very comfortable to ride. There is no flex to certain boards, and the vehicles are top-mounted to the deck. Drop Downs are great longboards for freshman, intermediate, and even pro riders. Dropdowns have the same purpose as a drop-through, to get the rider low to the ground. They ride a bit different than drop throughs though, allotting for more leverage and a tighter turn, with the top-mounted tracks.

Dual Drop Longboards

Double drop longboards emphasize a deck that not only drops down but also has drop-through mounting. This combines the best of both systems, and these boards ride super deep to the ground. This makes them very permanent and easy to ride, making them great longboards for newcomers and intermediate riders. Double drop boards are great for cruising, pushing, and even some downhill. Because of the design.

That sums our guide to longboards. Take a look through our site for more information on specific types of longboards, and let us know if you have any questions or need assistance in choosing or setting up your next longboard

This sums our guide to longboards. Take a look through our site for more information on particular types of longboards, and let us know if you have any questions or need help in choosing or setting up your next longboard!

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