CA – Why Many Fail

A Rich And Diverse Course

Chartered Accountant is one of the most diverse courses in India which provides rich exposure in various sectors in different geographical locations and all kinds of domains. Also, it is one of the courses which has the highest failure rate. More than 90% of students fail to clear the exam every single year. Yet the grace for CA is ever rising. Why are so many students failing in the exam? Let’s find out.


The Indian Education System

Most students who seek a course in India didn’t pursue it out of intrigue they have in that field, But because of what the course offered them after their course completion like prestige in society, professional stability, A decent salary package, etc. That is the reason arts courses are treated as a final option when planning for future studies. Many students who pursue CA mostly take this course, because of the prestige it provides in society and the alluring compensation scale. The number of students who have a genuine enthusiasm in the commerce field and taking the CA course is very low. So a passion to drive the students to success is lacking in the Indian education system. We need to find the passion we need to crack this exam.


Descending Interest

The rate of interest in pursuing CA diminishes over time for many students. They are joining the course with the high expectation of after perks. But once the course starts, the overwhelming response is faded. CA requires a great deal of remembering terms and laws which can be exhausting for certain students. So they lose interest day by day. Studies like ISCA further drives them to the extreme of dropout or less care attitude. Some students may take an extreme step of proceeding in alternate studies.


A Rigid Body

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India is the professional body conducting the CA exams. ICAI has a tough job of selecting a limited number of candidates from a pool of well-prepared students. The demand for CA is continuously rising. But compared to the population and the students appearing for the exam, the rise in demand is minuscule. So ICAI has to reject nearly 90% of candidates appearing for the exam. So the failure rate is high in the course.


A Repeated Appearance

The number of students who cracked the exam in the first attempt itself is extremely low. So however a student prepares, he/she will always feel anxiety before the exams. When a student can’t clear the exam, he/she can appear for next year’s exam. Many students will try their best in their rehashed attempts. But they fail to comprehend the reason for their failure in previous attempts and don’t adopt a new method in their approach. Some students might not be able to crack the exam even after four years of studying and they will eventually be disheartened by their repeated failures and will look for an alternative course even though they spent years preparing for these exams.


A Closed System

The paper checking process by ICAI is a closed method which means to comprehend the reason for failures is very hard. To get different scores for the same answer by different persons is still very much possible. The lack of revaluation also disheartened many students and drives them to look for an alternative. This may make it more like a luck-based system.


A proper Guidance

A decent coaching institute is an absolute necessity for all students to become successful. Overwhelming study materials and resources from online communities can be a distraction for many students. The free materials acquired online may not generally be modern. The structure and significance of subject shrewd subtleties might be changing each year. Online communities may not be sufficiently fast or profound enough to give these subtleties. So coaching institutes are an essential tool in pursuing the CA course. There are a lot of different coaching institutes open everywhere. A simple search term like ‘Coimbatore CA Coaching center’ may yield a countless number of options. But filtering through them and finding the best institute is one of the most important and basic steps towards your success in pursuing CA.

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