Five Must Haves for Finding the Right Private Investigator for Your Case

Private investigators (PI) can be defined as those who investigate matters of personal safety, such as theft, identity theft, and murder. Some private investigators specialize in child protection, missing persons, premarital testing, divorce, marriage, and adoption. There are also private investigators who specialize in financial frauds, DUI, murder, sex crimes, corporate frauds and child abuse. As more money is lost through crime and loss, the need for private investigators to recover these lost funds is also growing. The number of reported cases of financial frauds are expected to increase, and the need for private investigators will grow accordingly.

To become an experienced private investigator, typically there are many classes and skills that a person has to take and gain prior to being classified an experienced private investigator. This means that the person has to pay for such classes with many months and years dedicated to learning the art. Private investigators are required to undergo private investigator training and obtain state licensing before they can legally practice.


Requirements for licensing vary from state to state, and there is no minimum age. However, some private detectives choose not to get a formal training and licensing license and instead prefer to take on independent private detective investigations. To be able to run such investigations, private detectives have to complete a minimum number of hours of training and education. Although state laws do not specify the minimum training hours or education, the majority of private investigator training requires extensive background investigation, computer skills, and written communication skills.


To be prepared for the licensing exam, private investigators are required to meet some minimum requirements. For example, most states require private investigators to at least have a bachelor’s degree. This is the first step in a long journey into private investigator career, and many private investigators choose to continue their education by obtaining a master’s degree or even a PhD. This will help them learn the ins and outs of different techniques and methods, allowing them to expand their current skills and knowledge. Some states also require the private investigator to pass a background check, complete fingerprints and criminal history checks, and pass a licensing exam.


The licensing exam may include multiple sections. For instance, a portion of the exam may involve checking the private investigator’s mental and physical health. The state may also want to know about past and present educational and work history. Court records are often checked to determine if the private investigator has lied in the past. Private investigators are usually required to undergo a thorough background check that includes reviewing court records and criminal records to determine their credibility as well as their reputation among previous employers and clients.

Monitoring a private investigator’s work is also necessary in order to ensure compliance with surveillance and court orders. Performing background checks and surveillance is sometimes inconvenient, but essential. Monitoring allows a business owner or landlord to maintain good relations with a potential employee, investor, or client. When surveillance occurs, it can create an extra layer of security around your business. If a surveillance system is installed and monitored, there is no longer the risk of a private investigator misrepresenting information. If you hire a qualified and reputable private investigator, then the process of hiring and monitoring will be painless and inexpensive.

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