Four Apps for Learning While Playing

The technological revolution in education nowadays is possible due to machine learning. Machine learning has made it possible to monitor and assess the progress of students through educational apps. Machine learning AI allows young students to work independently on academics and get instant feedback and hints via the apps. This helps students with learning disabilities to be more engaged and learn better. The learning apps that combine education and technology are valuable tools for supporting and maintaining learning outside the classroom. This article will discuss popular apps that offer online learning opportunities for children.

ABC Mouse

The ABC Mouse app provides a complete online curriculum that is suitable for children aged 2-8. The app allows learners to track their progress and earn rewards. ABC Mouse has more than 850 lessons that comprise 9,000 learning activities including digital books, puzzles and games, songs and animations. Their collection of activities facilitate interactive, multi-disciplinary experience in math, science, art, reading and writing. An appropriate curricula is offered to the students according to their level so they may learn at their own pace.

Kids Academy: Talented & Gifted

The Kids Academy Talented and Gifted app targets children ages 2-10. It features a progress tracker for parents and a reward game for kids. It contains a lot of material, including videos, games and quizzes. Learners in preschool can practice English language arts skills such as sight words, letter recognition and phonics. Elementary students progress to grammar, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Students learn basic logic and numbers sense through math activities. This builds a foundation for more advanced operations such as equations and problem solving. The app also offers courses in social studies, arts, crafts, science and foundational reading and even chess. The materials are aligned to learning standards and matched with specific grade levels.If you are looking for worksheets for G-1 then it’s time to visit Kids Academy’s website since they offer more than 4000 worksheets as a core element of their learning app.

Khan Academy Kids

The Khan Academy Kids app provides learning materials for children ages 2-7 in literacy, math, problem-solving, and literacy. It is an educational app that includes thousands of books, music and games as well as activities hosted by an online cast of characters who help students to connect with the learning experience. The materials are designed to help children develop their skills in phonics and spelling. They also improve their ability to focus and remember. Materials can be customized for children in the following levels: toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners and first graders.

Homer Learn & Grow

Homer Learn & Grow is a well-known name in the educational apps industry. It is also a comprehensive learning app that provides learning games and materials for young learners. Homer’s approach to learning is similar. It is structured into lessons that teach reading topics and allow practice and application. This helps prepare children for the task of transferring what they have learned to new situations.

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