How can You Teach Your Kids the Quran?

Kids who love to follow Sunnah and want to learn Quran at an early age are every Muslim parent’s dream. After all, we know who doesn’t want to see their Children Saleh and be able to understand the Quran without any hassle?

Hang in there we have got a brilliant solution to make your dream come true!

Teaching them the five basic pillars of Islam and enabling them to read Quran with proper pronunciation( tajweed) is the most precious thing we have in stock in our Quran Classes for Kids.

Some families love to send their kids to teach the Quran to Mudrassa while some enjoy teaching them at home who don’t get satisfied by sending their kid to someplace.

How to find time to teach your Kids Quran?

Housewives may find it easy but for working women, it will be a hard nut to crack. As kids don’t sit in one place and they lose their focus very fast.

So how can you find time to teach them the Quran?

The only solution is asking for help from an online instructor.

We have scheduled a timetable that not only enables them to learn Quran for Kids but also keeps them loving it. Ask yourself first about this;

How to make your children fall in love with the Quran learning?

If you are a passionate parent who wants to see their child reading Quran easily and without making a burden that irritates him. You need to keep in mind that Children never love something they fear.

 We will be going to share some of the life-changing tips that we do in our Quran Classes for kids that will work for you as it has already worked for so many parents out there that were in the same position as you are right now.

Importance of teaching kids the Quran at a very young age!

Kids are fast learners as compared to adults. Kids are programmed to learn until they reach an age when they will love doing new things. When children are 3-6 years old they need fun methods to learn.

If you provide them with the best care at toddler age by engaging them in Quran Classes for kids. You are making their strong foundation towards their early thirst for acquiring new knowledge.

Following are some key features that will tell you what is the importance of learning the Quran for kids, at a younger age;

     More creative nature of kids

The prefrontal cortex of the brain is more dynamic at younger age therefore kids are fast learners and they love doing new things.

We as Muslims love to see our small kids going to offer prayers and reading Quran fluently with their innocent hearts.

We provide creative ideas in our Quran classes for kids, where they learn with interest.

    More learning Capabilities

Children have more active neurons and their brain loves to make new connections by connecting small pieces of information. When children start from a Noorani Qaida.

Their brain starts connecting to their sounds when they will study the first surah of the Quran by their Online Quran Teachers for kids.

Environmental stimulation

When children are having fun and they know they are not alone other children are also learning with them they feel involved.

We provide great promotional ideas through a representation of sounds, space-time, and causality.

Our Online Quran Teacher for kids knows that their young infants are an egocentric fusion of internal and external worlds so they need extra care.

We provide gradual coordination of schemes of looking, listening, and pronouncing with proper tajweed at an early age.

 Exploring their perceptual world.

Children love to explore new things. When parents know their kids are big enough to speak properly they want them to learn the Quran.

This pandemic has also given them hope that new things can be learned easily by staying at home.

Teaching the Quran at a young age would make the child best in doing what they love to do in our Quran Classes for kids.

Reading the Quran at home brings blessings and increases bonds with God, the creator.

Allah (SWT) has narrated beautifully that gives tranquility to heart;

And indeed, we have made easy for the direction and direction, but is there anyone who will take the advice?”

SURAH AL-Qamar, 54


How to Choose the Best Quran Classes for Your Kids?

When it comes to kids, parents want to choose the best! And when it comes to learning Quran , the charge will be doubled as it is a matter of life. Likewise, those who learn Quran at an early age will surely be going to have a healthy and pious life.

Our Online Quran Teachers for kids have known this mantra that “Memorizing Quran at a younger age is like carving into a stone.”

That that is carved into the mind stays there, it doesn’t go anywhere easily. So the holy Quran is best to be taught at an early age. We will help you in making the correct choice. Just look at what we offer here in our Quran classes for kids.

Before choosing, ask your Child’s opinion as well and consider your routine most importantly.

If you want to save time and invest it properly in your child’s learning then choose online Quran Tajweed Course!

An online Hafiz Tutor in our Online Quran Classes for Kids will make sure that your child is learning Quran and enjoying it as well. If you just keep this in mind your decision would be easier;

How do you feel when you see your child growing up associating the Quran with something that is enforced on him?

Rather than enjoying and taking lessons from the message of Allah he will go away!?

Is this how you want to see your child?


Then read below;

We offer you following:

Choose a Qaida for your kid!

Select the right kind of Noorani Qaida that you want your kid to learn. You don’t want your child to change his/her Qaida later. So choose what will be good for your kid.

 Quran learning is an engrossing activity!

Children are very fussy if you play Quranic verses in front of them, they will calm down. Even if your kid doesn’t start from Qaida we in our Online Quran classes for kids can enable them to learn small Duas and Surahs that will help them in growing their love for Quran.  

Everyday revisions to make sure the carving!

In small intervals of time, our Online Quran teachers for Kids make sure the child is learning by checking them through the constant repetition of the same lesson every day.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Before jumping into a new lesson our hafiz teachers make sure the kids know the previous lesson. This makes sure that they are proficient in the current lesson.

Weekly revision to ensure Best Results!

At the end of the week, the Online Quran teachers for kids revise the whole lessons they have covered in the week.

This makes sure their reading is strong by the time they start reading from the Quran.

Professional Exam to grow your kid’s confidence!

When the kid completes the Qaida then after constant 3-4 revisions they give the test in their Online Quran Classes for kids.

 This encourages the child’s confidence in learning.


Reading the Holy Quran is a virtuous noble act. When you encourage your child in this activity it will not only make them a good Muslim in the future Inshallah but also make sure you have properly fulfilled your duty as a parent!

Enroll your kid now and make his relationship with Allah stronger from an early age!

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