Humor as a strength of character

All ages and cultures observe humor, but it’s only in the recent past that psychology began treating humor as human behavior. In the past, psychologists deemed humor a negative trait and suggested that it demonstrated vulgarity and superiority to hide someone’s feelings. They saw the use of humor as archaic, meaning that it was a strategy for others or to make someone else inflate their self-worth. Therefore, it was a behavior that most people tried to avoid.

Recent studies have found that humor is a good trait and has gotten viewed as a strength in character, which can gain intimacy, kill stress, or make other people feel good. These results are some among much y humor has entered through mainstream psychology’s doors to be termed as a desirable skill or behavior that most researchers would want to put their feet in. When you stuck on an essay you may also add a little humor to revive your paper. Professional writers are glad to spice up one for you.


Composing a joke and getting it

Some several mental operations and sequences are required for one to understand or create humor. For you to get on the joke, cognitive psychologists suggest that you should be able to do the following:

  • Represent the joke setup mentally.
  • Detect any form of dichotomy in the multiple interpretations it may have.
  • Make a resolution of the incongruity true inhabiting the nonfunny, literal interpretations and uplift its funny meaning.


A person’s knowledge gets organized in structures in the memory that are known as a schema. Whenever an individual thinks or says something, the schema gets activated, and the knowledge of that traffic Springs to the person’s mind.


That is not funny

Most people failed to get the joke because of two reasons. The first one is because it gets required that the punchline creates a mental representation that is a bit different, which therefore conflict with the other the joke has illuminated that, and therefore the laugh tracks and timing will assist the listener in signaling that there is a different representation of the same punchline. Secondly, as a listener, you must have a mental representation for you to inhibit the joke.

When people make jokes that strike on the offensive like sexist or racist jokes, most people may refuse to get in line with the representation of the offensiveness. The same is true for the violence represented in cartoons because most animal lovers will never find it funny when an animal character gets hurt. People laugh instead of focusing on the problem that gets represented.


Therefore, the incongruity model can explain why older adults cannot comprehend more jokes as fast and frequently as young adults. The aging process may make them like the cognitive resources to come up with various representations and hold up several of them to detect the joke or to switch to the first one that got activated.

For individuals to get a joke, they must rely on the memory capacity or the functions of control they have within themselves. When older people put their efforts and succeed in doing some of these things, they may show a greater appreciation level than the younger adults, which means they will get more satisfied than whoever doesn’t get the joke.


There are other aspects where older adults would hold the most advantage when it comes to humor. We all know that wisdom grows with age, and humor is linked to it directly, which makes a wise person know how to utilize the skill of humor or when to laugh.

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